Restaurant with Prime Location in Pune

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I have a fully furnished restaurant with all the amenities in it. The restaurant has good product range and specialist cooks to make the dishes which are not available in that area. I am generating revenues but I need additional investment to run my business. If anybody is interested please contact me and I will present you my plans on how we can make a very handsome business from that place.

I have a restaurant in Pune, India just opposite the IT Park. I started this restaurant three months ago with very good products like snacks in the morning, mini lunch in the noon and chat in the evening. Along with that I took a franchisee of a very famous 60 years old ice-cream brand in Pune. But only because of my partner’s attitude our employees are not satisfied and not working properly. Therefore, I want to break the partnership with him and start off at my own. I have very good business plans, very good product range which is not available in that area, and the best chefs to cook those meals. If an investor is ready to invest I am willing to share the profit with him. This is a good business idea because the products which I am offering are not available in that area, so the competition is negligible.

Competitive Advantage

I have a very good advantage in that area because my product range is totally different from the one of the other shops in my neighbourhood, i.e. the competition is negligible.

Rationale for the deal

Given that the products I am offering are not available in the area and that they are of incredible taste since my chefs are very experienced, they will definitely attract customers. In a very short time I will generate very handsome profits.

Use of financing

I will provide a very detailed description when a potential investor contacts me.

Opportunity for the investor

I will discuss all terms and conditions in personwith the investor.

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