Subway Franchisee Seeks Funding for Restaurant Business Expansion

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I have 6 operating Subway franchise stores in Mumbai, India and I want to expand my restaurant business by adding other restaurants. I have obtained franchisee training and I have good experience in the business.

As the fast food industry is growing in India, especially in Mumbai, we already have prime locations there and we further want to expand the restaurant business in the city. We have a lot of contacts to make this happen. I already have an existing business of 6 Subway stores, which will be included in the new company. I am looking for an investor to help me finance the new projects. I would give the investor 50% stake in the new company.

Competitive Advantage

I have the advantage of already having stores in prime locations in Mumbai. Furthermore, I have got many contacts to start other restaurants and make a lot of revenue.

Use of financing

Investment is needed for expanding.

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