Successfully Running Discotheque for Outright Sale

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Successfully running high profitable discotheque in a high footfall mall up for immediate outright sale.

This is a 4300 sq ft pub+discotheque in the biggest mall in Noida (near Delhi, part of National Capital Region), 'The Great India Place'. The mall has high footfall of B+++ category and the pub is on the 3rd floor which houses the eateries and the cinemas.

Monthly sales are around INR 4m and the breakeven point is about INR 1.8m, thus returning a profit of over 50% on sales. The asking price is INR 50m which leaves over 35% ROI year on year.

The owners are exiting the business as they are keen to exit all non core businesses and a fair and square deal is guaranteed.

Business buyers can contact the owner on Merar.

Competitive Advantage

On the third floor of the most happening mall in Noida, one of the most happening cities in India. High per capita income ensures all similar pubs are running at over 90% capacity.

This is only one of the two pubs in the mall ensuring a high patron support.

Rationale for the deal

Successfully running, no marketing expenses required, likely profit margins of over 50% on sales, over 35% ROI. Proven profitable business.

Use of financing

The entire investment is to be made in one go in outright purchase of rights through transfer of company shares. The entire payment price is to go towards established goodwill.

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