Commutetown: Cloud Computing Solution for Traveling

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: India India
  • Industry: Internet, eBusiness
  • Stage: Initial growth (first revenues)
  • Investment size: $1,890,000 / min. $1,890,000

Investment Opportunity

The SAAS based travel cloud will be capable of processing all the travel schedule of the world. It will provide the best possible options for commuting from one place to another by public/shared transport

The product is designed by keeping on focus the following priciples:

a) Travel should be more consumer-oriented. If consumers furnish their entire requirement than providers can compete for giving them the desired service.

b) All types of providers from bullock cart to car to train to plane to chopper should be able to compete on the same platform. As long as they can meet the requirements specified by the consumer they are in the game. The system provides them with all the facilities from scheduling to ticketing. All this will be achieved by just fulfilling one form on webpage.

c) The system should be able to do the entire planning for traveling from one place to another. Even if it takes 27 hops for traveling from one village in one country to another village in another country. The system should be able to get all that reservation done on one page on single click and payment.

d) The project implicitly by its nature promotes the use of shared transport. Every use of this product is bound to save natural resources and save the earth from potential pollution.

Technical information:

The SAAS travel cloud is J2EE based which can be easily expanded and reduced to handle the increase/decrease of traffic on it. Any concentrated load on location can further be handled by adding/increasing dedicated servers for those locations. The cloud is designed to quickly consolidate the results and give response from all the sources. The cloud is designed in such a way that the total load remains constant irrespective of amount of even load added on the system.

Investment required: $1,890,000
Stake offered : 12.1153% (Stakes offered are negotiable)

More details are to be found in the document attached.

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