Investment Project for Cyber Blooming Entrepreneurship

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Company Name: SHAIL's UNIVERSE
I am planning to start up with Cyber Business such as Online Income, E-Commerce, E-Books Production, S/W Applications Development and Design. I am also aiming to Outsourcing of Top companies (Worldwide) and further encouraging Clients' service to Government Organizations (India) in the future.

Hence to start up my business, I have to go through the following requirement:

1. To join some courses like Exec MBA prog (as I am simply a graduate in Maths hons and IT), course on presentation skill to improve for client acquisition, Share/ Trade courses to know about the market of business with its ups and downs.

2. To locate a single hall (big room) office (presently I decided to locate in Delhi INDIA) with the following sub-products.
a) 2 PCs
b) Hi Speed Internet Connection
c) Telephone LAND line
d) Some furnitures and stationeries
e) To hire a Business Associate to look for admin works for me and my business

3. Registration for franchises as being the initial stage of my project. They may be OXI-CASH, Some online job portals, Some web-portals who deals with the production of E-Books, or so on.

Hence I require maximum of 7 lakh INR or minimum 5 lakh INR for my project. I will be highly gladiolus if any investor understands my project and approach me ASAP.

If you are an investor, please contact us on Merar for more information.

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