Data Entry Business Startup

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

This is online captcha entry business, where we get paid for typing the captcha words in the software.

Our aim is to achieve maximum productivity of the work by typing in a more targeted manner with accuracy which will earn us a good return.

I require funds for the purchase of the equipment, namely personal computers.

1. Our aim is to have more data words typed with good accuracy by the people we employ.
2. We want our employees to work efficiently on our project.
3 This is simple online typing work. A person who knows typing and English can easily to do the work.
4. We will be able to get the cash invested within 6 - 12 months or before.
5. This business is a good idea such that there is not so much risk involved: we type, we earn.
6. The investor will be able to get maximum 1,00,000 per month when we achieve the targets with accuracy.
7. There is no selling or contacting customers about their needs and satisfying them. We will work for our own purposes.
8. I have the projects but I don't have funds to start the business, hence I am looking for an investor who can join me as an investment partner, while I will be working as a source partner.
9. No additional funds are needed. Please check the fund required in details:
(a). Purchase of the computer peripherals
(b). Internet connection
(c). Lease or advance amount
(d). Miscellaneous expenses
10. Any person interested to start business for high returns at low risk can do this business.

Interested investors can establish contact with the project owner on

Use of financing

The investment needed is Rs. 200000 and it will be used for the purchase of computer peripherals and for the lease or advance payment for the office space.

I have the source with me but I dont have any funds since I am working on my own.

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