Entertainment Portal with Special Attention to the Bollywood World

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: India India
  • Industry: Internet, eBusiness
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $25,000 / min. $15,009
  • Type of investment: Debt, Equity
Entertainment Portal with Special Attention to Bollywood Seeking Investment The idea is to design an entertainment portal that would contain a great number of varied entertainment features under one roof and in a simple and comprehensible way. Image courtesy of amazingarfa, 2010, Flickr CC.

Investment Opportunity

We need funding to develop the entertainment portal, hire and sustain the core team at least for a year, market, brand and endorse our product.

The idea is to design an entertainment portal that would contain a great number of varied entertainment features in one single place and in a simple and comprehensible way. The aim is to evolve as a one stop destination that fulfils all the entertainment demands of the audience, and thereby become the most popular online portal amongst all others. It will be focused on Bollywood which already attracts the worldwide audience.

This portal will contain the following features:
• Reading: Bollywood News, Entertainment Blogs, Forums, Bollywood Events
• Movies: New Film Releases, Movie Trailers, Movie Synopsis, Movie Ticket-Booking, Film Reviews
• Music: Music Reviews, Lyrics, MP3 Song Download, Video Download, FM Radio
• Graphic Designs: Wall Paper Download, Screen Saver Download
• Celebrities: Star Profiles, Celebrity Interviews, Bollywood gupshup
• Reminders: Birthday Reminders, Movie Calendar
• Joke Zone
• Users Profile

A Brief Description of the Features

Bollywood News, Bollywood Events, Entertainment Blogs:
Bollywood news and events receive a major part of the audience's attention. The audience is always keen on knowing about what all is going on in the world of Bollywood. And all this information will be provided through this feature. Also the entertainment blogs will provide the audience with an interactive and informative stage.

New Film Releases, Movie Trailers, Movie Synopsis:
This feature will provide with the updates about all the new upcoming movies with their releasing schedules, trailers as well as movie synopsis.
There are other portals that provide the new movie schedules and even trailers, but movie synopsis along with the above two futures is going to be exclusive to this portal. The audience will be greatly attracted to the collaboration of all to these features into one single portal.

Movie Ticket Booking:
This feature will enable the audience to book tickets for the movie shows they wish to watch and from any theatre of their choice nationwide. Online show booking saves time and energy and provides the satisfaction to avail the movie at patrons’ own choice and comfort. In today’s time there are a very few portals that have this feature. We aim to popularize it feature and run it at a national level.

Mp3 Music Download, Video Download, Lyrics, Wall Paper Download, Screen Saver Download:
These features will make all the Bollywood and pop music available to the audience. Latest and old films, albums, music bands’ MP3 music, Video downloads, song lyrics will be easily found here. Also latest wall papers and screen savers which is the next major craze in the youth will be provided here for download.

FM Radio:
FM radios are very popular in all the cities throughout the nation. The audience can tune into your favourite music station anytime and anywhere they wish to, at their own ease online

Target market:
In India Bollywood is a raze. We wish to tap that market which comprises of youth and cine goers in general. The portal will generate revenue in twin ways.

1. Firstly by direct site visit and through ads.
2. We aim at targeting the Bollywood industry by getting into and fulfilling their digital marketing needs. Our portal will cater to all media and publicity requirements of the industry.

Project Timeline:
We are done with the basic ground work and the research. At present we need to hire team to build the portal which may take 2-3 months.

Funding needs:
We need the fund to build and sustain it for at least a

Competitive Advantage

We have ample amount of experience in the field of media and marketing. Our first-hand experience would come handy in getting us business and expanding our idea. A core team of experts on the subject and a phase wise investment would help us sustain the competition. With India being the vast market and yet developing there's a lot of scope for new business ventures.

Rationale for the deal

Our business model runs on two simple basic principles.
Firstly, we will be generating income through website traffic, which I am sure will have no hassle as anything related to Bollywood is always a rage here. Besides we are also planning a celebrity endorsement. We plan to rope in some known faces to endorse our brand.
Secondly, we are looking at direct business from the industry in terms of digital marketing, publicity and planning.
Our expertise, industry connection and experience would come handy here.

Use of financing

We need funding to:
1. Build the website.
2. Hire and sustain the core team for a year at least.
3. Market, brand and endorse our product.

Opportunity for the investor

The investor can be debt lender wherein the rate of interest would be 9% for a period of 3-5 years.
Or the investor can be equity investment wherein I can offer a share of 11%in the company.
I would prefer an investor who would very much be part of the project.

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