Establishing Platform for Freelancing

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The idea is to create a platform for freelancers and customers to provide a bridge between them.

Someone may ask there are already big sites like and then why would my site run?

Well I have few plans and features, which I can’t discuss here but on personal note I would discuss.

It will launch this site on most of the platforms to make it possible to handle from any mobile handset or PDA etc.

The cash payback period depends on how well site may perform or to be accurate how well marketing is done.

The site will depend largely on marketing.

But the ROI once started will be much higher than expected.

I have created the system level architecture of the site but to implement I need a dedicated team and funding for which I am posting in here.

If you want to see my work you can have a look at my own website which you can verify from the about us page on the same.

Competitive Advantage

1) Lack of communication means in the similar sites.
2) Lack of marketing in vast developer friendly countries like India.
3) Proper marketing will enable bring the best Project media to the site.

Rationale for the deal

On the first year the membership will be given free.
After that minimal charging of 2000 INR or 40-50$ will be chargable which is 10 times less than competitive sites. So if we get even 5% users compared to competitive sites then also the users will be like 10,000 users which wont be tough and 10,000*50= 5,00,000USD which is Way too high then investment.

Use of financing

Creating Website,
Taking up small office space.
Hiring marketing personnel.
And proper Marketing.

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