Invest Into a Global Web Services & Software Solutions Provider

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: India India
  • Industry: Internet, eBusiness
  • Stage: Initial growth (first revenues)
  • Years in operations: 2, Employees: 10
  • Investment size: $100,000 / min. $10,000
  • ROI: 3% in 3 years
  • Type of investment: Debt, Equity

Investment Opportunity

Funding purpose is to expand the business globally with the brand name. Offering to Investor - $10,000 to $1,00,000 client interest.

Our Products & Services include Online Web Services, Server, Cloud with Software solutions, ITeS, Business Development, Management Solutions. The demand is high all the time in any country. Our future plan is to establish a data center & become the 1st web service provider globally.

We are a Global Domain Name & Web Hosting Service Provider. We are dealing in these business areas for a long time with great feedback from the global market.

Products & Services:
• Domain Registration, Linux & Windows Web Hosting for Shared Server, Reseller Server, Dedicated server, VPS Server, Cloud Server
• Online Security Softwares & Applications Development. Website Designing & Software Development
• Technical Support, IT & ITeS Services, Business Management & Reselling Platform
• Computer Hardware & Networking Services (Remotely & Onsite), Technical education learning academy

Benefits to every Individual & Business (Students, Freshers, Professionals, Employees, Universities, Colleges, Small-Medium Business, Disabled & Elder People, etc.)

We are already into the market, so we actually focus to achieve the monthly target for every product and service we have. Revenue is generated as per target achievements. Profit from the business is more than 100%. Example: with the investment for one shared hosting server for $600 by providing all services to client monthly, we can place 2000 clients on a single server which can generate the revenue of $4000 monthly if a single package of shared server is for $2/month.

When it comes to business then at primary level what it needs is Trust, Transparency, Honesty, Loyalty, whereas the Business Payment, Product Service, Support come at a second place. We are registered in India. Few of my colleagues work from USA to deliver some specific aspects. All the authority & legal abilities are managed by me. All our activities are managed from India. We are about to expand our Business Websites in terms of Products, Services, Quality Support Automation, Global Sales, Online & Offline Marketing, Business Management Resources, Certified Staff & Network resources globally. We have a team of all certified candidates (i.e. cPanel Certified, etc.) We are actually trying to focus on 24x7x365 constant support with several mediums and serving quality products in cheap cost.

We have a tie-up with Host-Gator, Re-seller Club, WHMCS, cPanel, PayPal, Moneybookers. We are in a demand of investment to purchase more bulk products and resell them into the market by marketing them into the online market with cheap costing, quality support and reliable service packages. We will be investing your entire amount for developing and marketing our products & services available with all planning and statistics under market research. We do provide all types of automation sales and support functions such as Chat, Voice, Mail, Social, Etc. We do have new concepts to promote our business.

We ranked high in 3 months without investing to Google Ad words and SEO, Internet Marketing, etc. We will actually invest your money towards abilities and not towards the needs.

Offer to interested investors:
The invested amount will be taken for 2.8 years of agreement. The amount will be refunded in 2 years (If failed then safe side 8 months with greater interest) [Initial 8 months hold period with NO REFUND]. If we fail to refund the amount then the business project will be owned by the investor. The current resell value is around $18,000 as per market research. The company will help the investor to carry forward the business or resell it to the best price.

Offer to interested partners: If interested in partnership than 60%-Financier & 40%-Company from Net Profit.

NOTE:*If interested then negotiation on both cases can be done at the time of discussion.

Competitive Advantage

Indirect & Direct competitors: Online e-business companies which are into the web services such as Directi Group, HostGator, Enom, and lots more...

We are different and better than them in terms of our ways how we provide service to our clients. We provide the clients with all the necessary required resources at once with single package in reliable cost and 24x7 several support systems. We have all types of support services available for clients that other companies do not provide or charge extra for.

Example: If a single client purchases a domain name from us at $12/yr, then we provide him with 2 independent free email accounts with a complete control panel to manage DNS and all domain related concern. Also with the same with provide Privacy Protection. All this is not provided by other providers or they charge extra for the same.

Similarly, with every hosting package or server purchase we provide the client with multiple features such as SEO & Online Marketing assistance, Google Products Assistance, We train them for the topics as WHM & cPanel, etc. for free.

Our advantages are completely sustainable as they are only provided by our company. The way we provide service to the end client is what makes the business grow so we only focus on the same which had given us wonderful success in our past. The competitors can repeat our products and services but they can't give several support functions and services what we will be providing.

Rationale for the deal

To make money out of that business is very simple. We already have our online business websites running for the same since last 2 years. We only have to capitalize, standardise and organise them at a large scale. We have to launch them as a brand in every country one after another with all the planning forecasting and strategies we have for online, offline, hybrid sales and marketing.

We only need an infrastructure with all resources and facilities which are generally required by an IT company with staff of 50-60 people. Apart from this we need to invest into sales and marketing, reaching people with all mediums.

Yes we do have indication that other market players are making money from a similar opportunity but considering to the same factors we are now ready to launch with new products and services which will collapse the market of our competitors. We have developed and designed products and services as per market research and end client, business requirements.

Our experience into the business is from last 5 years and we are working officially being a company since last 2 years.

Use of financing

We will be investing your entire amount for developing & marketing our products & services available with all planning and statistics under market research. We do provide all types of automation sales and support functions such as Chat, Voice, Mail, Social, etc. We do have new concepts to promote our business.

The financial amount will be invested to the below mentioned aspects required:

Business Websites Products & Services Requirements:

Web Hosting Business Websites Modification & Development, Domain Name Registration Service, WEB HOSTING Servers (iWeb,, Poundhost, etc.), SSL Certificate for business websites, Dedicated IP Address for business websites, The cPanel & WHM software control panel, Plesk Control Panel, WHMCS client management, billing & support solution, cPanel Server Service Package, Cloud Linux Software, Live Chat Software (Live Agent), Skype and another software’s, VOIP Servers (Domestic, International) for Voice Support

Payment Gateways (Credit & Debit Card/NEFT, etc.):

Current Bank Account (Minimum 2 Accounts), Credit Card, CCAvenue Payment Gateway, PAYPAL, 2Checkout, Additional Payment Methods

Online & Offline Marketing (As Per Response Yearly Investment):

Google Products (Adwords, etc.), Email Newsletter Marketing, Advertisement in National & International Newspapers, Connecting to broadcasting mediums & chambers, Travelling Expenses & Event Seminar Arrangement, Voice & SMS Marketing , Printing Material, SEO & Online Marketing

Staff Requirements:

Chief Technical Officer, PHP or ASP.NET Experienced Web Designer & Software Developer, Linux & Windows System Administrator, SEO & Online Marketing, Office Boy, Online Support/Phone Support Administrator, Offline Marketing Executives, Local Teaching Staff for Certifications, Hardware & Networking Engineer, Additional Staff Required

*All the amount will be invested after consulting to the business partner and investors and as per real time market demand for sales and marketing.

Example: To launch a television advertisement for our products and services which can easily boost the business on hike in months.

Opportunity for the investor

If you're looking for debt investment:
The overall loan amount is expected in between $10,000 to $1,00,000 (As per client interest)
The expected payback period is maximum 3 years
The interest rate will be 3-4% monthly.

If you're looking for equity investment:
We are offering a share in the net profit of the respective project (60% will be of the investor & 40% of the company)
*Can be negotiable on final discussion.

We are ready to deal with a hands-on or a silent investor who is actually interested.

Desired investment instalment schedule: - Initial Investment $10,000, further investment instalment will be discussed as per investor/finance response.

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