Investment for an E-Commerce Business Needed

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The project is about a virtual shopping center which brings social networking and online shopping to one platform. It could be described as a replica of a supermarket with a wide variety of products ranging from groceries to kitchenware, home decor to household items, linen to apparels (including all major and local brands). The project requires investment for working capital (transportation, marketing and website development).

Greatest benefit is that I have identified an untapped market where a niche can be created with the right marketing and advertizing strategy.

I would like to create a user-friendly website which is unlike regular ones where you shop alone: here we will have friends knowing each other's carts, and sharing availability feeds and recommendations.

Currently I'm att the phase of designing the website.

Launch date is to be 5th December 2011.

Competitive Advantage

I intend to create an ease for shopping, referring to products that range from regular necessities to luxury items (groceries, kitchenware, stationary, pet care, toys and games for kids, linen, home interiors and selected apparels).

Alhough there are some online shopping websites and services they all look complex and boring, and resemble a roadside general store.

My website's features will offer a very different aspect to shoppers. They will continuously ensure that customers invest the least time in searching and shopping for products.

While customers shop they will have the advantage of sharing their carts with their friends, recommend products etc. The level of interest will grow when we offer discounts for the various extras-functions. Mentioning discounts, the whole shopping experience will be incentive-based where gift coupons/freebies will be 'the talk of the town'.

Rationale for the deal

The online business is becoming an increasing trend in India. This fact, combined with the presence of established MNCs in India, indicates a huge market and a great busineess opportunity.

The target audience will be the service employees in MNCs as this online service will help them to reducing the time spent in shopping and the cost of travelling.

Use of financing

Investment is required predominantly for working capital to cover costs such as website development, transportation, salaries, office logistics, packaging and marketing/advertising.

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