Loan Sought for Small-Scale Internet Services and Computer Shop

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: India India
  • Industry: Internet, eBusiness
  • Stage: Seed
  • Investment size: $10,000 / min. $10,000
  • Type of investment: Debt

Investment Opportunity

The requested Loan Amount of INR283,000.000 can be paid within/before this 4 and half years period. This request refers to the Maximum period.

My Business Vision is to acquire a place around Dilsukhnagar area and establish a shop for online and offline services like Billing, Ticketing, and Booking that will be provided to the needy people at affordable cost. In addition, there will be sales and support for computers and laptops with accessories for sale and all kinds of system configurations, along with the regular stationary for common inquiries.

Business Future Expansion:

Buying a Xerox copying machine: Fast Coping Machine selling one or two copies of each original (open although on a 300 – page original manuscript, that can add up to), but using one of the latest high-speed high-quality mass production Xeroxes so that can complete with the others operating those quick-printing services, by turning out 100 or 200 resumes, letters, or circulars just as fast, and probably a great deal faster, for some (or potentially less if wanted to be competitive).

Publishing part time jobs directory: Along with the stationery available in, offering small ads for the Jobseeker in the growing market with listing the possible jobs especially angling at fresh college graduates and other job seekers for part time and or full time for second job seekers.

Start DE (Data Entry) Projects: Start the Data Entry and Data Processing on Private and Govt. Sectors on small investments, can get competitive gains.

Rationale for the deal

Business Area:

Dilsukhnagar Hyderabad has approx. 30 Junior and PG colleges under OU and is respectively a well grown students’ area. It is full of places for entertainment for students and families. There are around 20 to 40 family outing centers that are offering eating, clothing, and entertainment etc., as well as many more Institutes and Training centers.

The shop will provide services very much on demand by families and especially by students. A well located shop will be assured a constant inflow of customers.

Use of financing

Business Cost Breakdown:

• Shop Advance Deposit (to be deposited to landlord): INR100,000.00
• Furniture (2 counters): INR25,000.00
• Spares and Accessories (purchase of Display Monitor(s), POST Power, Panels, Connectors, Flash USB Memory sticks, Memory cards and Cords etc.): INR25,000.00
• Computer / Laptop (2 Personal Computers / Laptops/ All in one B/w & Colour Printer): INR80,000.00
• Software / Stationary (Different Software / Inverter / Stationary etc.): INR20,000.00
• Modem for faster Internet usage: INR8000.00
• Misc. Cash in Hand for any untoward situation (Untoward condition, Emergency buying): INR25,000.00

Total Cost: INR283,000.00 (Two Hundred and Eighty Three Thousand Rupees)

The above Cost was approximately estimated June 2012 / planned Cost for the Normal Shop for Running Business / or any other business accordingly in Hyderabad City.

This breakdown is for estimation purpose only.

Opportunity for the investor

Business Loan Settlement:

The requested Loan Amount of INR283,000.000 can be paid within/before this 4 and half years period. This request refers to the Maximum period.

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