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This is Business -2- Business Ecommerce, Retail Trading, Multiple Users Payment integrations. B2B Internet Portal will describe commerce transactions between businesses, such as between a manufacturer and a wholesaler, or between a wholesaler and a retailer. Also it will include B2C (Business -2-Customer) and B2G (Business 2 Government).

We have online B2B Portal having Registered Member 300+ and2000+ Buying and selling list without any marketing who is using our services.

B2B Online Portal would be highly sophisticated for the Users (Any Manufacturers, Distributors, Retails etc.) B2B will create and keep relation between buyers and sellers and help to grow all their traditional business that want to export or import the products or goods. All categories' will be included there from Agriculture to Information technologies so all cover all traditional business which would be listed with us to buy or sale their products or good or import or export to expand their business. Though this kind of online portal is there but somewhat but will give more user-friendly features to seller to maintain their business easy.

Here Seller Post their lead and products information after register and buyer will register and connect them for the information and price. Also paid seller able to access buyers database and connect them and promote their products to the respective buyers. Seller will have all features like online promotion, products display, lead display, connection, web pages (SPACE) see live Space for our registered member (who is seller). . There is so many extra features will be provided to the members. All the strategy to get more and more companies registered with us and will give complete solution to the sellers.

Investors can contact us on Merar in order to receive more information. Executive summary is available for download.

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