Online Baby Product Store Seeking Equity Investment

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Online store for baby products launched in March 2012 is looking for funding to market and position itslef. Investors can expect 5X to 8X returns on their investment within a short span of 4 to 5 years.

Our business focuses on selling baby products online. Incepted in March 2012 we now need funding for marketing and positioning.

We provide the modern Indian parents with an opportunity to access environmentally friendly products for their little beloved ones through a simple online shopping mechanism. We offer a wide range of products, including diapering, toys, feed, skinwear and others.

This is an ideal opportunity for an investor to get in the business. With regard to the booming eCommerce industry incestors can expect 5X to 8X returns on their investment within 4 to 5 years.

Competitive Advantage

We have solid sourcing, fulfillment, logistics and customer service background inhouse.

Rationale for the deal

At present eCommerce generated close to INR 0.5 Trillion, which is expected to grow to INR 2.2 Trillion by 2015. eTailing which is selling consumer durables online, is currently at INR 40 Billion (8%) of total eCommerce revenues and is set to grow to INR 200 Billion by 2012. There has been great amount of funding in this sector and a lot of very successful ventures, which often lead to consolidation to keep the Eco system thriving.

Use of financing

Funds will be used majorly for marketing, brand building and connecting with potential customers.

Opportunity for the investor

We are looking for equity investment and can offer 50% of our business to the investor.

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