Online Investment Portal for Indians

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The portal is designed to meet the investment needs of Indians all over the world especially expatriate Indians living in other countries who need to make investments in India. The Funding is required for setting-up network of fund managers & customer support staff all over India & in specific countries with sizeable Indian expatriate population.

Full fledged Investment support to expatriate Indians all over the world.

Cash payback period is around 3 years.

ROI is calculated at 35%.

There is a huge gap in the Financial and investment needs of expatriates worldwide which has been hereby exploited by unscrupulous local agents
Investors can expect to be part of a global business with huge growth as Indian businesses and expatriates are considered to be amongst the richest in the world.

Project is at seed stage. Interested investors can reach us on

Competitive Advantage

Companies and brands focusing on their own portfolios and restricted to mutual funds & such similiar financial Instruments for gains.

Advantage is that we deal in all kinds of investments.

Advantage is sustainable if we can provide customised support to all customers by building a good network with highly experienced staff.

Rationale for the deal

I personally will benefit by holding a percentage in the said company.

Company profits will be my main income.

I have personal experience with people & companies who are not professional but have been running similiar business with huge profits.

Use of financing

Investment is needed for building global online portal.

Investment is also needed for building global office network.

investment is also needed to get various government & central bank licenses & approval.

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