Online Portal for Mobile Balance Recharge and Seats Reservation

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

India is a country with population of more than 125 crore, some literate and some illiterate. It can be taken as a large open market with more than 70% of the people travelling by train (65% people reserving the seat) and 85% of the people using cell or mobile phone. We are going to provide services accordingly.

Our portal will provide a secure way to:

1. Recharge the mobile balance (will help 85% population )
2. Recharge the balance of DTH service
3. Book train seats (2nd phase step)
4. Book flight seats (2nd phase step)
5. Rent a car rental
6. Book bus seats
7. Book movie tickets

All services will be catered under one roof and through one portal. Computer users can use the service themselves. More than 1000 franchises in India will be there to help non-users.

Income sources:

• franchise - $1000/unit
• advertisements on the portal
• booking commission and recharge profit

Competitive Advantage

There are few companies providing such services in India. Nevertheless, no company is providing all of these servicesat one place - in one portal. Furthermore, the advertisement and the quality of service will make us stand out.

Use of financing

Finance is needed for:
• making the software modules
• advertising the company and its services
• legal processes
• office set up
• press conference and meeting with bus and theatre owners
• setting up the portal
• employees salary for 3month

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