Social Networking Media Looking to Set up the World’s Best Server

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: India India
  • Industry: Internet, eBusiness
  • Stage: Initial growth (first revenues)
  • Employees: 18
  • Investment size: $1,000,000 / min. $100,000
  • Type of investment: Debt, Equity

Investment Opportunity

We are running a social networking platform and want to make this project “the Largest in the World”, bigger than Facebook in terms of hardware capacity and performance.

It should be able to handle any increasing number of websites in India. We will keep per month charge so low, that even U.S. based web hosting units will find it cheaper in the world.

We have registered our brand in London. Registration in Melbourne, Frankfurt, and Paris is in process.

The main revenue generation streams are as follows:

1) Advertisement
• Big corporations
• Small Scale Enterprises
• Shop owners
• The Government sector
• The Semi Government Sector & Government Undertakings
• The Social Welfare Workers Union
• Election campaigns
• NGOs & Trusts
• Religious Gurus
• Education Industry
• Health Industry
• Classified Individual ads
2) Paid links by Joint Venture partners
3) Government subsidies
4) Selling of scrap hardware
5) Provision of loans and insurance to Employees
6) Renting server space
7) Awards by Cultural & Other Ministries
8) Potentially, IPO or FPO

For more information, please refer to the attachment.

Competitive Advantage

Our platform different and better than Facebook & Twitter. The difference starts from its page design. It is not monotonous like them, but has a sky blue color and animation which makes it alive. We have created cartoons with meaning at service tabs.

Facebook gives only portal to chat, while our platform will also offer have other services such as Matrimony, Jobs, Horoscope, Business, Motivational Gurus, etc. In the future we will increase the scope of these services, which will be based paid links. The maximum efforts are to call up people and keep them on the site.

Facebook ads are prepaid; it debits money when visitors visit ads. This might invite fake visitors and thus not be useful for advertiser. But we are keeping time bound advertisements, i.e. for 90 to 180 days let there be any number of visitors.

Rationale for the deal

Facebook has shown the world that Social Networking Media can be a huge business. It put all his competitors behind, by implementing new ideas and up gradation. We can see the power of the small f (Facebook’s logo), which has entered in billions of human lives. Purchase any new mobile handset, you will find the “f”, open any website, you will find “f” see any ad on the TV or listen any ad on the radio, they will ask you to follow “f”. This is the power to enter in the brains of billions.

India is a new market every country is looking at. The youth in India always goes for a change as a fashion. So they are looking for another solution like Facebook but better than Facebook.

Not only the urban but also the rural population is converting very fast as web users. The government itself is supporting this tendency and has launched “Tablet “@3999=00 INR which will attract large no of population to go for social networking.

There are however very few players from India to give really tough competition to Facebook. In India there are some experimental basis websites, but not having vision or passion to become really big like Facebook.

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