Travel Technology Startup in Need of Funding

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The Project idea revolves around how to provide a traveller with an opportunity to discover new places and hang around with friends or family depending on his interests. We will provide an online platform targeting not only holiday travellers, but also professionals out for business meetings, students in search of job and casual travellers.

A traveller going to a place has certain desires and looks out for certain opportunities. Once we have those details our Activity Engine and Deals Engine would generate the data according to the traveller’s interest and display it to him.

It will also suggest the traveller various ways of commutation from where he/she is located to the target place in various formats like maps and itineraries making it easier for him to decide what is the best option for him. It will also help him find out the recent trends in travelling to a certain place (e.g. if there is a fair in the city or a sale in the area where he/she is, etc.) making sure that he doesn’t miss out great opportunities to get familiar the place and its culture.

If the traveller is a student or a job seeker going to a metro-city he/she must be informed of cheaper places to stay and eat for longer time period. The project will also include information on Messes (small food joints where people can register for a months’ regular food) and small houses on rent. We will also advise people visiting our site on location-specific trends and surroundings, so that in leisure they may not just sit around in the hotel but visit such places if they like to. Currently, we target the City of Pune where we find a huge number of people from all over the world coming for education purpose.

As this project targets a huge audience including students, jobseekers and professionals, we expect an overwhelming response.

The people who invest in this project would be given a share according to number of investors but at least 51% shares would remain with us.

This would sell in today’s market due to its amazing user experience, fast search capabilities, unique target audience and better services offered.

The project is currently at development stage where we've just started its implementation. But one may consider it in conceptual stage (ie. pre-development) as not much progress is done as yet.

The additional funding is needed for marketing the product, paying the employees and buying the data for Messes and houses available on rent.

Use of financing

Financing will be used for:
• Marketing
• Salaries
• Data purchasing and API Purchasing

Opportunity for the investor

We're offering equity participation (minority shareholding).

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