Web and Mobile Based Solutions Provider Offering Business Partnership

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: India India
  • Industry: Internet, eBusiness
  • Stage: Initial growth (first revenues)
  • Investment size: $40,000 / min. $25,000
  • Type of investment: Equity

Investment Opportunity

We wish to cater to global clients with our service offerings which include mobile website development and internet marketing.

With more and more people having internet enabled mobile phones and the tablet market growing rapidly it’s important to have a website which is easily viewable in these devices. We wish to remove this pain point.

AMS technologies started operations in October 2009.

We cater to 2 types of customers. One who has no web presence and one who has a web presence. A person who has no web presence definitely needs an online identity. More and more people are aware of the internet today and so before buying anything customers first try to do their own market research on the web. If you are not found on the web then you lose a potential customer. Secondly many people have access to internet enabled mobile phone and tablets. So making your website accessible through these mediums is equally important. Recent study shows that in the next 3 to 5 years, most internet browsing will happen in mobiles and tablets. People who have a website can also be our customers because many of those websites are not according to the current trends. One needs a overhaul look wise as well as technology wise. Also there is a need to get your site appear on the first page of Google. To do this one needs to invest on internet marketing. AMS Technologies provide expert help in this as well.

So in general we provide these services:

1. Graphic and Web Design

2. Web Based applications including dynamic websites and portals as well as open source customization services (Drupal, Magento, Wordpress etc.)

3. Mobile Apps

4. Internet Marketing (SEO, SEM, PPC)

The market is huge. All developed nations have a big segment of people whom we target and will keep on targeting. Local Indian market is also growing and awareness is also improving so we plan to cater to Indian market as well.

We provide quality services and affordable rates and that is our major USP. We always ensure that we provide a quality end product. We have a QA team in place which ensures that the customer never face an issue with deliveries. Another important aspect that we keep in mind is timely delivery.

Our testimonials from our past and present clients act as proof of what we have done till now. One can check http://www.amstech.co.in/testimonials.php and http://professional-webdesigners.com/testimonials.html.

Management Team:

Asif Ahmed: Asif is the Co-Founder and CEO of AMS Technologies. At AMS Technologies, he takes care of QA, Admin and Accounts. Asif is an Electronics Engineer from Bangalore University.

Mukesh Kr. Singh: Mukesh is the co-founder and CTO of AMS Technologies. Prior to co-founding AMS Technologies he played a middle management role in an Internet Strategy firm in Kolkata. He loves his codes and has a special interest in advertising. At AMS Technologies he takes care of Project Management and Online Marketing. Mukesh is a Software Engineer from WBTU.

Sourav Sinha: Sourav is the co-founder and CMO of AMS Technologies. Prior to co-founding AMS Technologies, Sourav has been playing a senior management role in a couple of software companies in Kolkata and Bangalore. He is having 12 years of experience in Sales & Marketing. At AMS Technologies he takes care of Business Development and HR. Sourav is an Electronics Engineer from Bangalore University.

The funding will be used for Sales & Marketing. We need to reach to global clients and hence we need to spend on advertising. The funds that we get will be used for the same.

10% partnership in our business; we will give 175% returns to the investors in a period of 3 years. Investors to quit the board once the returns are given to them after 3 years.

Projected Financial Information (Year 1 is current year):
Year Turnover Operating Profit
Year 1 USD 133000 USD 22000
Year 2 USD 220000 USD 45000
Year 3 USD 5555550 USD 120000

Historical Financial Information (Year 1 is the last year):
Year Turnover Operating Profit
Year -1 USD 27840 USD 3900
Year -2 USD 5550 -USD 700

Competitive Advantage

Mobile website development is a very niche area and not all players are into it. We want to move fast and be one of the top players in the coming years. If we move fast we will be able to beat the competition because our competitors are still in website development mode and they are not innovating. Once we create a niche in mobile website development we will move to Mobile Apps which will give us further advantage.

Rationale for the deal

The market is vast and the figures given above are very pessimistic. What’s required is to reach the customer base. The requirement is huge in US and UK market. Even Australian market needs to be catered. The revenues projected are very much achievable if we spend money in marketing and advertising. We already have a team which is very experienced to do high level work so delivering quality solutions on time is not a problem. With quality solutions, we will get repeat customers and that will increase profits because in many situations the codes will be reused for repeat customers with similar projects.

Use of financing

As informed earlier, we will be using these funds for sales and marketing. We need to increase our spending on Google Adwords. We also need to invest in other marketing activities like banner ads on various networks. We also plan to attend a few trade shows in UK, US and Australia to reach customers so that we can meet them face to face.

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