Agricultural Growing Media Production and Export Plant

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: India India
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $150,000 / min. $100,000

Investment Opportunity

A company manufacturing coir pith blocks (also referred to as coco peat blocks). Coir pith blocks provide a growing media for plants and are widely used in nurseries and green houses across the world. Due to their absorption capabilities, they are also used as a flooring material in animal farms.
Funding is required for unit set up and marketing.

Coir pith blocks and grow bags are 100% organic and offer excellent absorption and water retention capabilities. They are manufactured using coco peat moss that is obtained from fibrous coconut husks.

Our intent is to manufacture the coir pith blocks to meet the ever growing demands for the same in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Countries of the European Union and USA. This would primarily be an export oriented unit. The profit margins are very high due to the fact that the expenditure incurred for operations, raw materials would be minimal and the rates on offer for coir pith blocks and grow bags in the international markets are high. The demand for coir pith blocks and grow bags is only going to increase due to the fact that this indirectly caters to the food requirements of the human population by providing nursery and farm owners a growing media for plants and bedding for their animal farms.

Raw materials for manufacturing coir pith blocks is abundantly available locally. Our plan is to set up a unit on the coastal belt of Karnataka, India which is amongst the largest producers of coconuts in the world. The coastal belt of Karnataka is home to several industries that use coconut as base and generate coco peat moss (raw material for coco peat) as waste or bi-product. Hence, coco peat moss is available at a very cheap rate (we already have established relations with raw material providers).

Due to the high profit margins and growing demands, the ROI for the project would be as soon as 12-18 months.

We have identified and obtained land for our manufacturing unit. We have registered the firm and are currently in the process of obtaining Import Export code for the firm.

We need additional funding for setting up the unit and over seas marketing as part of initial trust building exercise with potential customers.

We are open to discuss Partnership/profit sharing and other transactional models with potential investors.

We will be glad to provide potential investors with further information, if you are interested contact us on Merar.

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