Ceramic Glazed Wall Tiles Produced Is Looking for Investor

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: India India
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Stage: Seed
  • Investment size: $800,000 / min. $800,000

Investment Opportunity

Our product is "Ceramic Glazed Wall Tiles". The production capacity we have is 2160T/ capacity per year (Valued Rs. 257.28 Lakhs) The month and year of preparation is 11-th March 2013.

This project envisages production of Ceramic Glazed Tiles which is having a very bright prospect in bathrooms and kitchen in modern housing and in Analytical Laboratories and toilets attached to Railway stations. Due to the liberalized economic policy followed and encouragement by Government of India future prosperity of this product in the eastern zone is obviously bright. Moreover there is not a single MSEs in manufacturing ceramic glazed tiles in total Eastern Region which has a vast demand of this product.

The market of ceramic glazed tiles is very bright since its demand is increasing at a faster rate. The reasons are not far to seek. The improved living standard coupled with good economic situation along with supporting Government policies for housing sector speak itself for the demand for these products. Side by side population growth is also creating a positive demand position of these products.

These items form an essential and integral part of consuming sector like housing, educational and research institutions, hospitals, Industries, hotels, restaurants, cinema halls and other public places. The demands of these products also increase by the need of renovation works of the old above similar buildings.

The housing Development Finance Corporation and other Government corporations and Banks for financing housing will go a long way for the demand of these products. The private sector which accounts for the lion’s share of the investment in housing and construction is bound to increase further. Further on the Government of India as well as State Government are taking more care for the up-keeping of rural sanitation and water supply systems which will indirectly influence and increase the demand of ceramic glazed tiles.

Further during the last few years before global economic recession the export opportunities of these tiles from Middle East and Developing countries was very encouraging and hopefully after the recession export opportunities of these tiles will come back. At present there are over 13 Medium scale enterprises and 60 small scale enterprises are in this field but there are no enterprises in Eastern and North Eastern area. The units that register EM-II Under small scale Enterprises will go on enjoying the prevailing State Government Incentives and Central Government Incentives as per new Industrial Policy 2006.

Considering these opportunities new generation entrepreneurs could think of manufacturing this products” Glazed Ceramic Tiles”.

If there interested investors in this project they can establish contact with us on Merar and get more information. Download the attached file for further reference.

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