Manufacture of Flat Architectural Tempered/Toughened Safety Glass

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: India India
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Stage: Initial growth (first revenues)
  • Investment size: $900,000 / min. $700,000

Investment Opportunity

Tag Glass Pvt. Ltd. manufactures flat architectural toughened/tempered safety glass. The glass is produced in a state of the art plant, proudly designed and built in India, representing a substitute for imports. Trial production commenced in June 2011. Commercial production commenced in October 2011. Bank finance is availed. We are looking for investor/partner to have a stake in the equity to reduce bank debt.

Tempered safety glass is now in high demand in the Indian market. After the introduction of the new building codes the use of tempered safety glass will increase further. The plant is situated in central India, thereby can cater to a vast market.

Statistical data as to return on investment, current net worth of our Company, percentage stake offered, etc. are private and confidential and can be discussed in a personal meeting.

Competitive Advantage

Use of tempered safety glass has increased manifoldly, as now glass is stronger than before allowing usage in glass facades, structural glazing, patch fitting doors and partitions for interiors, shop fronts, bath shower cubicles, furniture and home appliances.

The nearest competitor has a Chinese tempering furnace with no quality checks whatsoever, whereas our product more than confirms to ASTM C-1048 standards.

Being in the particular line of industry for 3 generations, our family is well known in the market for quality and service in the local glass industry. The import substitute horizontal roller hearth tempering plant is proudly designed and made in India far better than the Chinese plants in terms of plant life and productivity. Technical features of our plant are comparable to the best European plants in the industry.

Plant productivity, maintenance, and quality control are all managed by the owner personally, hence on technical grounds the project has no match.

Apart from the tempering line, the plant includes leasehold industrial plot of 1004 Sq Mtrs in MIDC industrial estate with a double floor industrial grade RCC building structure, several overhead gantry cranes, CNC glass cutting table, automatic glass drilling machine, automatic glass beveling machine, vertical edge polishing machine, 11 Kv HT compact sub station, Vacuum lifters and storage rack system, CNC double edger etc.

Rationale for the deal

Other similar plants in other parts of the country which established a few years ago are planning expansion by a second tempering line now which clearly confirms the market trends of tempered safety glass.

Reduction of bank debt will allow the project to become profitable early, thereby assuring early returns to everyone.

Use of financing

Investment will be used to reduce the bank debt.

Investors offering investment on repayment basis shall not contact us as we already have bank finance on the same lines.

We are looking for investors to invest in equity capital.

Dividend repatriation for overseas investors will be as per Reserve Bank of India rules and guidelines.

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