Recyclable Doors Manufacturing Startup Looking for Equity Funding

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: India India
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $200,000 / min. $200,000
  • Type of investment: Equity
Door Manufacturing Project The current Door Manufacturing business is already running. Funding is needed to facilitate growth. Image Courtesy: Fabrizio Furno, 2008, Flickr CC.

Investment Opportunity

The unit intends to manufacture doors for apartments, offices, etc. The funding is needed for working capital and purchase of machinery.

The objective of the project is to setup a manufacturing facility to manufacture flash doors with and without reinforcement. The management now seeks investors who could bring in funds to the extent of 200,000 for:

• Purchase of new machinery for the manufacture of doors.
• Working capital needs to fulfill a very healthy order book.
• Marketing and promotion.

We are offering 50% of equity for 200,000 USD. The investors would have excellent returns. For more detail please contact us to request a project report.

Competitive Advantage

• We would be the sole manufacturer and supplier of this unique product.
• Technology and expertise is available.
• It is a running project and so just investment in new machinery and working capital are needed.
• In-house design team.
• Good established sales network.

Rationale for the deal

• Investment would be totally secured as we are offering the 50% equity in return. Thus have equal ownership on all company's assets.
• Profit realization would be quicker and just investments need to be made in new machinery and working capital.
• Technology and expertise is present in the company management itself and so there is no dependence on the outsiders.
• The unit is located in Gujarat where the infrastructure is excellent.

Also, the growth of real estate market in India is tremendous. There are no good/ reputed manufacturers of doors / windows or rather professional manufacturers with capability of good designing and service are present. The opportunity is huge and will continue to grow in future.

Use of financing

• For purchase of new machinery for the manufacture of doors.
• Working capital needs to fulfill a very healthy order book.
• For marketing and promotion.

As this product require to keep a big inventory for all patters, designs and colors, the requirement of cash or inventory is huge. So majority of investors fund will be used as working capital.

Opportunity for the investor

The investor is offered equity in return of their investment. The project requires around 8-12 months max. for coming into commercial production. The payback period for investors will be 3-5 years.

• The ROI would be minimum 15-20% PA.
• Silent investors or investors with technology are both welcome.
• The desired investment schedule could be discussed between the investors and the management.

For Project Report and Detail analysis of project please contact us.

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