Invest in Unique Beverage Product Ready for Global Domination

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: India India
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $1,500,000 / min. $250,000
  • Type of investment: Debt

Investment Opportunity

Sol Mix is a 100% natural drink. Because of its adaptability, Sol can be marketed and sold in a variety of ways based on the target market in the target country.

The world beverage market is booming! In India alone, the market is expected to double in volume in the next five years alone! 100% drink that uses the hot new sweetener, blue agave nectar, as a flavor enhancer. Because of its' adability and versatility, it can be marketed and sold in multiple international.


Sol Mix is a 100% natural drink. Because of its versatility and adaptability, Sol can be marketed and sold in a variety of ways based on the target market in the target country. For instance, Sol Mix is focused on the adult beverage market in the U.S. and Mexico because of its ability to mix with most liquors, beers and wines. However, by making minor changes in the product formulation, you can produce a 100% natural soft drink with the ability to crossover into all demos in each foreign market. Also by making minor changes in the formula, Sol Mix can be marketed as a 100% organic sports drink that uses blue agave nectar and coconut water as major ingredients. Because of the availability and popularity of coconut water in the global marketplace, this will be the next BIG drink! All of these concepts have been developed, researched and tested.

Target Markets:
After identification of what products are desired in each respective market, Sol Mix can be produced and sold to the targeted demographics in each foreign market. Sol is not confined by any product parameters.

Sales Proposition:
Sol Mix is a unique beverage product with global appeal. It's versatility means every foreign market is a target market. By using local companies for ingredients and manufacture, Sol would support and develop infrastructures of any foreign market. It would also add the new and popular Western concept of exotic ingredients (blue agave nectar) in new drink products.


Sol Mix can be manufactured in any countries with beverage production capabilities. Also, because most ingredients in Sol Mix can generally be found locally, the only ingredient that would need to be imported would be blue agave nectar.

With the right opportunity and market, Sol Mix could be managed from anywhere. Depending on the opportunity, I would personally be willing to relocate to develop, market and sell the Sol product profiles. There will always be at least a shell office in the United States.

I am the Founder and CEO. My Board consists of former Executives at Coca-Cola International, The
Minute Maid Company, and Executives at other Fortune 500 companies. I also have Advisors focused on consumer markets with experience in promotions, marketing, public relations, and sales. Two of my Board members are Indian American, one of whom has influential family ties in India.


Sol is a start up company. All product testing is complete, and only financial investment is necessary at this juncture.

Use of funds:
85% of requested funding will be used in the production process and to support marketing/sales strategy and campaigns. The other 15% will be used for IT, Legal, and Financial functions.

Sol Mix is an amazing product for the right investor(s). Because of its versatility and adaptibility, Sol can be targeted to any demographic in any foreign market. This is a powerful capability for any product in any industry. However, I am looking for the right investor(s).

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