Innovative ICT Based Recruitment Solution Seeking Funding

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Established marketing & advertising solutions company from India looking forward to start an innovative product that will benefit both job seekers and recruiters.

Building a corporate rapport may take years but making an impact just takes a day. One brilliant idea, one brilliant decision, one brilliant move is all what it takes. In the corporate world your first impression is your last impression and we are here to make it the best for all job seekers across India.

Strategic Intend:

Our primary focus would be freshers i.e. the final year university students (MBA, Engineering and Non Engineering Graduates) because revolution starts from the youth. These guys would just out of their cocoons, ready to spread their wings and fly out towards their dreams. And we are here to provide them with the best exposure before the corporate world.

The conceptualization behind our ad campaigns would be sober, simple and straight. Our business concept popularity would fetch us more job seekers, more clients and business in the coming days.

Once our strategic concept catches waves, it would be much easier to entice more corporate clients, striving for more excellence and improving our quality of work periodically. This would boost our sales and hence enhance our brand value too.

Competitive Advantage

1. Smartest way of Recruitment today.
2. Saves time & hassle for both job seekers and recruiters.
3. Overcomes hurdles like distance, interview time schedules and the delay of getting shortlisted and waiting for the interview call.
4. Brings more opportunities for job seekers as well as the Recruiter.
5. Taps the best candidature after assessing the communication, the confidence and the body language of the job seeker in just one minute.

1. The candidate has to be there near the venue closest to his place for a professional video screening shoot.
2. Time taking process but good things do not come easily. Making a big difference takes time, effort and courage.

1. This online screening concept can be later introduced in matrimonial websites, acting and dance auditions in the Media Industry

1. Bigger job portals might just overtake us by extending their recruitment roles to video screening as their additional online feature.

Rationale for the deal

Our company provides opulent marketing & advertising solutions for SMEs and produces materials ready for use through mediums such as press, magazines, signage, the Internet and email. We are focused on attention to details. We ensure highest quality & product, suitable to your specific business needs at highly competitive rate.

Our mission is establish, develop and maintain our clients business marketing & advertising needs, at very stage, through innovative strategic & creative thinking, and continuous, direct, personal service to match.

Use of financing

Website Designing Rs 200000

SEO + Social Media Marketing for 6 months Rs 75000
Team Recruitment and Training 80000
Offline Branding and Promotion (Print Ads and Flyers) Rs 100000
Miscellaneous Expenses including Travelling Rs 45000

TOTAL Rs 500000

Opportunity for the investor

The ROI will be fixed from 30% to 40% Annually. Furthermore, the ROI can be paid on Quarterly 10% or Annually 40% depending on the preference of the investor and on the agreement reached.

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