Investment Project for Customer Care and Product Database

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Our Client will be Small shop owner to big companies. Customer can call us or visit our site for details, shop review, quality related question and buy the product.

We will develop a large database from the smallest shop in the local area to big companies. Their contacts and product description will be stored in our database and people and do anything ranging from viewing product details to buy the product. We will also act as customer care representative for our clients. Our service include B2B trade, customer care representative, Sales, Search engine, providing best money saving deals. It will be a mix of Companies like E-bay, Justdial, Snap deal, B2B trade but not limited to this only, it will be even more. Everything will be on the same platform so people can find anything they want.

Now the question arises will it do?
In today's world scenario people are too busy they don't get time. So this project will Provide them help in buying products from home, great deals and save their precious time.

If you are an investor, please contact us on Merar for more information.

Competitive Advantage

Currently we have not found any such service provider in India or any part of the world.

Use of financing

As we are new and just graduated the college we don't have access to finance needed for this project. So we are looking for investors who like this idea and help us reach our goal. A good return is assured.
50% of Finance will be used for building database, reaching the clients and the customers.
15% finance for advertisement.
15% finance for infra.
20% finance will be kept for further use.

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