Innovative Company Introduces a New Means of Advertising

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The investment project idea is in customer differentiation, targeted and localized advertising, together with making instant business.

Our company introduces a new means of advertising. There will be proper use of advertising. The advertisement is targeted to those most likely to buy your product or service. This is a cheap means of advertising. here the both customer and sponsor get satisfied. Because we act as a mediator between them.

We will create a new platform, where we bring customers and sponsors under one roof.

Customer Differentiation:
Customers will be divided to various categories namely Education, Entertainment, Electronic Goods, etc. Then this information will be sold out to the respected companies, who are into it.

Instant Business:
We provide a wide variety of customers according to respected business that improvise sales, through the customer details we have. Hence Companies can directly approach the end user and get Instant business.

Target Advertising:
We maintain the database of end users according to their needs and tastes, which makes us simpler to target the advertising through mobile to such people. Advertisement will be targeted to those, most probably who like to purchase the product advertising, which is a unique prospective.

We are targeted to gather 10,000+ clients in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. The financial gain for year will be around $195,000 USD.

It is good idea because every entrepreneur wants to gain more business. We gather end users information and their needs. This will be very helpful for every businessman to capture the market. So it definitely works.

Investor can acquire 50% of the profit, and retain capital.

Right now, the investment project is in its initial stage. Gathered is 1000 family information out of 350,000 families and still in progress.

Funds are needed for gathering end users information and for other necessities.

Financial projection is attached to the project. Interested investors can purchase our contacts on the Merar network.

Rationale for the deal

Four Types of Income can be expected from Market.
• Registration of Sponsors
• Ads from Registered Sponsors
• Ads from Other Sources from the Market
• Selling of Information to business people according to their business Needs.

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