Local Newspaper Seeks Expansion

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The newspaper was launched in 2009 with the aim to provide true news to the readers of a small village name Navsari. The paper was broadcasted on an interval of 15 days and was distributed to all government offices.

Our newspaper is looking forward for investors to invest in it and get the equivalent ownership of the company. The investor(s) will be involved in metings and discussions, where their ideas and decisions will be taken into consideration. An equal amount of the platform will be given to the investors with a good return.

How will the project work?

The newspaper will be fist placed in circulation in the market of Surat where the competition is limited and it is easy to capture the market.

How will the newspaper look like?

There content of the paper will be well organized in sections such as Education and Sports, so that readers would not have to go through all the sections. There would be a separate section for placement which will display jobs directly published by the readers and handled by the placement department of the paper.

How will we launch?

The paper will be distributed from Navsari to Kosamba through our start up. Then, at the next level we will move on to different cities as per the companiy's profit margin.

The Promotional activities will include capturing advertisements from the market for free at an initial stage. Examples of promotional activities are the following:
Providing gifts to our customers.
Launching best ads schemes for clients.
Distributing the paper for free for some period or at an interval.
Awarding agencies to different agents who are dealing with advertisements and providing good rates and commissions.
Free circulation of newspapers at transportation spots like railway stations, bust stops, etc.

As soon as our circulation start 50% of the focus will be placed on the activities for expanding our areas as well as capturing sites for hoarding and channel preparation.

Our marketing agencies will prepare printing materials for companies and will also work on the outsourced marketing activities of big companies.
Our HR team will work on establishing a consulting firm which will help each and every individual to get a job. People will submit their resumes to our placement consulting firm and then the resumes will be well published in the newspaper. We will also work on promotional events like IT, job and business fairs. These fairs will help both the city of Surat and our enterprise to grow.

Competitive Advantage

We should acknowledge that our competitors are popular and strong. However, we will capture the market with our innovative ideas which have never been introduced to the market and can be easily worked out.

The best advantage of our competitors is their great circulation. We will break through by circulating our newspaper free at an initial stage. Our competitors do not bargain for the rates whereas we will provide cost effective rates. They provide mixed news in all the sections while we will manage all the sections in proper format. Furthermore, we will move on to other businesses which are emerging and provide additional value to our customers.

In a year we wish to capture the whole Gujarat state and then move on to other states. This will be the best time to start our international publications where corporations will be given the opportunity to work with us. In this regard, the paper will also contain a section in English.

There are many more innovative ideas which will be implemented within our project but they are to be discussed in private meetings.

Rationale for the deal

We offer our Investor an equal share of the profit margin and a seat in the company's board of directors.

Plans will be discussed with the investor before being implemented.

An equivalent right will be offered to the investor or investors to make decisions which will be privately discussed. If the investor/investors wants to stand in the front end we will welcome them.

We are open to discussions and we are looking for the best deal from your end.

Use of financing

The specific uses of financing will be disclosed in the private meeting with the investor.

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