Mass Entertainment Media Project(IMB)

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

This is a new concept of Mass Entertainment Media. Using the lastest technologies we will start a music channel supporting 5 Indian languages. The channel will be hosted in Mysore and watched all over the world.

Nowadays all the Mass Media Channels are involved in creative programs and content to attract people. However, it is very tough to grow up in the Mass Media Field using the same approaches. Our new channel is going to make a change all over the world starting from India.

Our channel is a Music Channel supporting not only one but 5 main Indian languages. Those are Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. These languages’ Music should be listened to all over the world through our channel.

Our channel is based on new technologies like Mobile TV, IPTV, DISH, Satellite, etc. New Exciting programs are waiting for viewers.

Our Channel will be hosted in Mysore, Karnataka. This is first time launching a new Mass Media in Mysore. The Palace City Mysore is a world famous Cultural city. It is pollution-free and economically fast growing city.

Advertising will generate the main revenue for our company. Since it depends on the number of viewers of our channel, we should attract and maintain a large number of viewers by promoting our channel by promotional ads, shows from excellent video Jackie’s and many more programs and contents.

Financial figures at the initial stage:

Total Company Income per Month: Rs.44, 00000 Lacks /Month + tax
Total Expenses per Month: Rs.10, 00000 Lacks/ Month
Company Profit per Month: Rs.34, 00000vLacks /Month
Company Income per Year: Rs.5, 28, 00000 Cr.+ tax
Company Profit per Year: Rs.40, 800000 Cr. / Year

Competitive Advantage

This is a completely new concept that will attract a huge audience.

Use of financing

Computers (20), Super Computers (5), Mac Computers (5), Storage Servers (1),
Control Room Machines (1), Software, etc.: Rs.2, 00, 00000 Crore
Cameras and Lights equipment: Rs. 50,00000 Lacks
Program Contents: Rs. 2,000000 crore.
Satellite Dishes and Supporting Machines: Rs. 50,00000 Lacks
Building of L & W 100x80 feet with minimum two floors: Rs.10, 0000000 Crore
Inside Office and Studio Design (Furniture, glasses, chromo cloths,
etc.,): Rs.5, 0000000 Crore
All Licenses: Rs. 1, 0000000 Crore

Total Fund Needed: Rs. 30 to 40 Crores

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