Media Marketing Services from India Looking for Investor

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Vision Ventures Media Services Private Limited provides networking service industry in India and is looking for investor on Merar.

We take immense pride in introducing ourselves as a “Value –Based” service provider. We offer a complete spectrum of reliable and realistic solution to the hassles and strains of everyday life viz.365 Freedom Card, Jaago TV Channel and Indian Market Force, across INDIA cash Pay back in 100,days

Our activities include
365 freedom Card: This card is a cash card solution to live life with freedom that saves your hard earned money up to 25% on your monthly house hold expenses, having its bill, payment option, with more than 5000 outlet in the city and 500000 plus ticketing solutions. You can also avail various services 365/24x7 at your doorstep.

You can avail instant emergency medical support, home away from home services and more than 36 other extra ordinary features.

Jaago TV channel, our effort to keep our society to bring changes in our country. There are more there 300 TV channels, on air with its different entertainment & news content.

This Channel will have a mixture of value added social and emotional content along with 12 fresh national news bulletin slots and other innovative programs that will create a platform for hidden talent to come into public view. Our Channel with a difference will also have local (state wise) multiple content too. It will also be a conduit to awaken the Indian public from its slumber.

IMF (Indian Market force) This idea came to us when we realized, that “advertising, Marketing and sales” professionals who are the key persons who up lift the market, are unable to create their own identity as other professionals do.

Our Research team discovered that if these people get proper support and guidance, they might be able to perform in a better way and get better results.
Keeping this in mind we have also planned to organize awards for best performance, training seminars, cultural events and many more.

Joining with IMF helps its members in many ways.
1. Create your own identity in society.
2. Nationwide “Friends to help you “in need.
3. Creating fearless professional life.
4. Overall a big group support.

With its highly motivated and experienced core management team, VVMSPL believes in following keys for success:
* Planned and structured approach to every assignment and Project.
* Completely reliable, realistic, confidential and trustworthy services.
* Strong teamwork and co-ordination, with business and social networking.
* Consistently developing, productive and thought provoking topics.
* Learning from experience to maintain growth, success and always be a ‘cut above the rest’.
* Innovative and flexible plans to achieve customer satisfaction.

Investor will get fixed salary of 25% what he invest pa till the company last
project at final stage additional funds needed only if required.

Interested investors can contact me on Merar.

Competitive Advantage

There are no competitors, well there are some players but not on a large scale. I believe we got advantage over the competetitior because of it marketing network through Indian market force spred accross india where 2.5 cr members had been registered till now.

Rationale for the deal

The opportunity is I will be able to create employment for more then 25 lakhs people across pan India

Well Rs 365/- is a standard amount any one can pay for the services.
Out of 25 cr upper middle class families we are just targeting 10% achievement.

Yes. One stop shop, zip cash, and other.

Use of financing

Initially we need 1 .00.00.000/- in later stage if required another 4 cr if needed.
Required funds for office setup, channel setup, call-center, setup, staff salaries, advertisement, marketing, tie-ups etc.

That is the only way to play.

As soon as we receive 1 cr .we will setup our sba network from which we receive rs 25 cr from it we give back the principal amount back to the investor and life long we share 25 % on business with him.

To set up the sba network it will take 25 working days.

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