Outdoor Advertising Project Based on Mobile LED Display

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Mobile LED display is an innovative advertising solution with environmentally friendly features. A mobile LED display unit a truck with LED display on the three sides of the vehicle. This display will be widely used by advertising companies, big business houses and Government agencies to reach out to the public with their messages.

As part of the Promoter’s long term plan to establish an Outdoor Advertisement unit with Mobile LED display facility in all major cities in Kerala, he plans to start this project at Thrissur.

The total project cost is Rs 30 Lakh and the Promoter intends to avail a term loan for the full amount of Rs 30 Lakh at reasonable interest, which will be repaid over a period of 2 years, after an initial holiday period of 3 months.

A detailed Profitability Statement, Cash Flow Statement and Balance Sheet for two years are enclosed along with this report. The profit before tax will be 3,347,000 Rs. in Year 1 and 3,963,000 Rs. in Year 2.

Considering the business prospect of the project in hand, the promoter is confident about the success of the project and requests the loan provider to finance the project.

Use of financing

Fixed Assests:
Vehicle - LCV Truck Tata Super Ace: 425,000 Rs.
LED Screen cost & fixing charges: 2,150,000 Rs.
Generator: 350,000 Rs.
Computer & Printer: 50,000 Rs.
Contingencies & Interest during installation period: 125,000 Rs.

Working capital: 200,000 Rs.

Total Cost of Project: 3,300,000 Rs.

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