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A portal for hosting images of amateur photographers - sell the photos to prospective buyers, Get photographic services like retouching and printing done.

The site which is called www.camerocks.com will be a simple but technologically advances web portal that can categorise, showcase & do commerce of images. Looking for 0.5 million USD to build it.

This project envisages the use of modern technology and global internet network for the sale and purchase of photographs taken by different people at different location all over the world. The media, publications, web development and advertisement require huge quantity of copy right holding photographs for placing it in their medium for their clients.

As there is always a threat from pirated photos, the media required certified copy righted photos for their use. There are many international web sites for storing these photos and sell them to the subscribers at reasonable cost and the up loaders will get reasonable amount of income through this. But there huge gap in the availability of India based photos in the internet world.

The promoters are looking for capturing the opportunity in the market and interested to develop a web site. The web site will be majorly hold for India based photos and other photos can be also uploaded to this site. Separate segment will the there for each category of photos. PPC campaigns opportunities are also explore for the revenue generation.

There are no such players for amatuer stock site, though many are available for professional photographers like getty images, Corbis, Istock, Fotolia.

We are exclusively for images of Oriental or exotic origin.
We offer image optimization by profession experts, no other stock site does
We offer image showcasing for photographer which no other stock site provides
We combine printing on different media at a cost effective way compared to developed countries

The advantages are sustainable and not easily repeated by any competitor situated elsewhere.

Photographs and art works composed with computer software.

According to a study by the research group InfoTrends worldwide digital camera sales should reach nearly 53 million units sold in 2004. In addition to this digital camera sales are expected to continue to grow and a compound rate of 15% over the following four years reaching an incredible 82 million units sold in 2008. When this is the status of US alone, Globally there are 20 times what the US has it means that there are billions of customers who are already taking digital photographs.

Millions of photographs are being used by magazines, newspapers, advertisements, brochures fliers and for projects and websites. More than 1000 websites are being registered every day and all of these websites require copyrighted photographs.  According to a recent study there are two billion websites already and in the mean while we type a single sentence, this there will be probably over 20,000 new web sites being created.

Camerock wants to showcase best photographs taken by these amateurs and sell them to prospective buyers. The Camerock will let amateurs upload photographs to its sites and will keep them watermarked and prevent easy downloading using state of the art technology.

The financial projection for the project shows a gradual increase in income as well as profit. As this is a new development in the Indian web industry, there require huge investment and expenditure for the promotion of the project. There require technical staff for the operation of the project from day one the project and need to be paid well.

The facilities require and the expenses required for the operation of the project from its starting period. But we can reduce the cost further more after the project reached its 4th and 5th year by more investment in fixed assets and modernisation and own server facility. In the initial three year PAT will be in red and even the project requires working capital support for the day to day operation. From 4th year onwards, the project will reach green mark and it can generate enough cash inflow for the operations as well as for further investment.

By 5th year, the project will able to repay the working capital amount and convert the entity as zero debt company. As this is a web based operation system, the manpower required for the project is not more than 5 even if after the revenue cross more one crore.

The project will start with a small turnover of Rs. 5.78 lakhs plus interest accrual of Rs. 1.35 lakhs which will grow to total revenue of Rs. 89.98 Lakhs. Even if the project is having a negative profit of Rs. 9.50 lakhs in its initial year of operation, the project will be able write off the loss in 5 years and the balance sheet will show a positive surplus figure. The cash generation after 3rd year will be a positive trend for the project and this will help the project to close the working capital requirement.

The private equity investor can quit the project with higher return of investment on or after 6th year and can sell the share holding to a third party or the promoters itself with high premium amount. The PV investors will get an interest of 12% on the portion of fund they provided for working capital requirement.

Overall, on the basis of financial projection, the project is very much viable and can generate high return on investment and the investors can get high premium when they quit the project.

Executive summary is available for download. Investors can contact us on Merar for more info.

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