Looking for Investor / Partner (2-3 cr) for Teleshopping Co.- Mumbai

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Most Secured & highly gain business, spent ₹ 1.3cr by now, startup in 3mnth & Income fm day 1. Offer #Double in 3yrs, #Fix ROI 24%p.a, # 24% Partnership

I am one of the pioneers in Teleshopping & Interactive business in India, served for more than 17 years for many companies in India & achieved a valuable experience in the Industry.

About Teleshopping:
it’s all about pointing out needs, offering solutions with unique & eye opening products which are not available in the market.
After a huge success in Italy, US, France, Australia, Europe, Japan, China and other countries; the business was brought to India in mid-1990. But due to lack of awareness, lack of satellite connectivity & unbelievable for Indian mass; concept could not do well as per the expectations set on market and population size.

However, the people who were behind the concept were very much sure about its success; they made some changes as per Indian mass and got the success in 5 years’ time. And not only success also created another branch called eCommerce. India’s e-Commerce & Teleshopping growth is notified Rs. 19 Billion–9Trillion from 2000 –2015, and is expected to reach up to Rs. 47 Trillion by 2020. As per BCG & RAI

There are almost 21 teleshopping company exits in India which are owned by 8-10 people only. Some of them have become main players and started satellite channels with the combination of Teleshopping & eCommerce.

Anyway! After serving to other companies for years, I have reached to a conclusion to start my own Teleshopping Company. Main reason to take risk is as such there is almost “NO RISK” in Teleshopping business. This is the only market where the growth & profit rate is 40-350% compare to other business sectors.

Me and my team have a deep R&D and worked in detail on the CBA (Cost Benefit Analysis) which are like-
•The Total cost of the project for 1st year is app. Rs.25cr ($38,68,471)
•Required start-up 4 month’s cost is app. Rs.4cr ($618,955).
•Already invested on products, Mounting, R&D, literature etc app. Rs.1.37cr ($211,992).
•Initially! I am looking for a genuine Investor / JV Partner / Sleeping partner who can invest minimum Rs. 2.6-3.0cr. ($600,000) OR more with all legal safeties.
•Details of the projects are ready with micro level, can be produced as & when is required.

Payback Period & Offer: 3 mode, choice is yours

1.You shall be given fixed ROI of 24% p.a on your investment & Minimum locking
period for investment is 1year.
2.You shall be given 30% partnership on your investment & minimum locking period
is 2years.
3. You shall be given double amount of your investment in 3 years.

Choice as per Investor’s comfort ….

Revenue Generation:
• Revenue starts from the 1st day of telecast but transferred into company
account in 7 working days from GPO (Govt Post Office) or other shipping Co.
• Products launching can be done within 90 days as 75% of pre execution work is
already done.

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