Resonance Fiesta- India's Biggest Music Festival

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I would like to send greetings to all investors on Merar. An idea to organize an International Music Festival in Bangalore, India. A 3-day long Music Festival staged to attract artists from across India from the Following genres - Jazz, Bollywood, International, Rap, Beat-Box, Rock, World-Music. The Festival aims to attract over 15,000+ attendees.

Resonance is a 3-day long Music festival, that aims to attract over 15,000+ attendees... Staged to attract music lovers from across the Nation. As an add on featuring 7 well-known Celebrities from across the world to perform at Resonance.

The Cost of this event project is approx $5,70,000... To push start the event we're looking for a finance of upto $100,000. The Tenure for repayment is max 18months.

This Event has never happened in India - Our aim is to make this the wood-stock of India.

If it interests the investor, we could look at sharing a percentage of our profits with the investor.

Entertainment sells in today's Market, all that happens here are concerts, our motive is to bring in an advanced culture and make this our property.

We're currently in talks with big brands to sponsor the event, We have good reviews on this event.

Competitive Advantage

We strongly believe this project will throw light upon our brand and the festival. Our motive also to make people await for the festival every year.

Use of financing

The investment is currently required for booking celebrity artists, venue hire, production etc.

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