Upcoming Animation Studio Seeking Silent Equity Investor for Funding

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are specialized in Photo-realism CGI in 3D animation and visual effect production. We are looking for silent equity investors to fund for our 3d movie creation.

Our studio is refreshing the industry through innovative concept and dynamic animation. Our mission is to discover unique animation skills through multiple, creative approaches.

According to a recent report by Pricewaterhouse Coopers International Limited, an international business consulting service provider, the Indian animation industry is poised to grow by, hold your breath, about 23% in the next four years! This means that the value of the industry that was estimated at 18.5 billion in 2009 will be a whopping 54 billion by 2014.

Some of the films that were made during this years include Walt Disney's Zokkomon and Krayon Pictures' Delhi Safari, amid others. What also works in the favour of the growth of the animation industry, is the anticipated phenomenal growth of an allied industry - the gaming industry - that is expected to grow by about 36 per cent in the next four years.

As per these conditions, we are very about to enter this challenging entertainment biz and innovation stereoscopic word, our main intention is to give public real entertainment by means of upcoming trend in technology especially stereoscopy.

Our core specialities are:
• Dedication
• Innovation
• Sincere efforts
• Team work
• Professional approach
• Proper production pipeline in terms of movie creation
• Artist from around the world with great zeal of skills and passion in animation
• Global level quality in animation (especially inspired with Avatar)

Competitive Advantage

• International team building effort
• Purely professional approach
• Pleasant environment for work
• Use of technological advancements
• Upgrading knowledge for artist
• Focused view

Rationale for the deal

• Stereoscopy technology
• Licensing
• Merchandising
• Digitization

Use of financing

• Office Space with large studio capacity
• Interior Design and Decoration
• Studio hardware includes workstations,servers, render farm & licence softwares
• Electricity fixtures
• R&D division
• Strong technical head having Hollywood vfx exposure.
• Operations fund for 36 Months
• Staff & Artists Salaries
• Offline & Online Publicity
• Office Stationary
• Communication /Ethernet / Fax / High speed broadband Internet service
• Electricity bills & Generator Backup.
• Fees to Legal & CA Firms
• Travelling allowances
• Insurance, Depreciation & Taxes
• Staff welfare and Misc. Expenses

Breakdown will be provided upon finalized process.

Opportunity for the investor

Amount for financing $80,00,000 date from which production process starts ROI will be counted for span of 5 years, We are working on the script it will be finalized by March end

In short

Equity Investment: $80,00,000
ROI: 5 years
Investor type: Silent
Share: 20%

1st ins: $ 50,00,000 (startoff) - Pre-production & Production work.
2nd ins: $ 200,000 (3 year) - Post production.
3rd ins: $ 100,000 (4rd year) - Final output of film, merchandizing, advertising.
Final year: Profit sharing and ROI phase upon film release.

Investors are gladly welcome to contact us on Merar.

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