Five Times Return on Realestate

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: India India
  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Stage: Seed
  • Investment size: $16,670,401 / min. $16,670,401

Investment Opportunity

When the first phase of Vallarpadam Container terminal flag off the cost of land increased 200 times when compared with 1996. You may be wondered but that's the truth.

This property is located at vypin island near to vallarpadam container terminal. Before coming up of this container terminal and LNG terminal the cost of land is about 10,000/cent. Now at the heart of LNG terminal land cost is about 45 lakh/cent. Our proposed location is about 6km from LNG terminal and 5 km from LNG terminal and 5km proposed site for Oceanarium, which is the main revenue for Singapore. If we purchase this property at 75 crore ie 2lakh/cent, i can assure you one thing that five years down the lane we will have returns of at least five times the money invested.

Presenlty the land rate at these site is about 5 lakh per cent. But this property is not getting that rate because this is a fish farming land. As per the government laws one cannot convert these farm lands into commercial lands. But with in five months elections will be held in Kerala And as per the history the right wing parties will come in power. So we can take this oppourtunity to sell this.

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