Pune Based Real Estate Company in India Looking for Investment

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: India India
  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Stage: Initial growth (first revenues)
  • Investment size: $40,000 / min. $20,000
  • Type of investment: Debt, Equity

Investment Opportunity

We are developing a bungalow project near Lote Parshuram Midc Chiplun. We have started it considering the increasing demands for this type of project in Konkan.

We are planning to launch the project in March 2012. The project is at its govt approval stage. The planning work is completed. The project revenue is expected to cross Rs 19 cr (Indian rupees).

We are a professional Real Estate company that aims at endowing our clientele with quality services. We have a positive outlook and are dedicated to provide our clients and investors with the best available market insights; advice, real estate options and services to enable them to make the best possible decisions.

Currently, we are developing a bungalow project near Lote Parshuram MIDC (Konkan Area, near Chiplun), 39 kms away from Dapoli. The location has very good highway and railway connectivity. The project is to be launched in March 2013 with an estimated completion timeline of 30 months.

The bungalows will be customized depending on the buyer preferences and will have the following amenities:
• Club House
• Gym
• Pebble park
• Oxygen park
• Karaoke System
• Snooker Table
• Table Tennis
• Enclosed Cricket pitch with Bowling Machine
• Jacuzzi
• Riffle shooting
• Bow and Arrow
• Adventure Sports
• Indoor Swimming Pool (under feasibility check so not yet finalized)
• Dhyan Mandir
• Temple

The project revenue is estimated to be Rs 19 Cr with expected project expense of Rs 13 Cr. Expected gross profit without considering the fund cost is Rs 6 Cr.

We have done the market study, and we are sure that the same location will require at least three more projects of this size just to fulfil the local demands. The budding inclination of owning a second home in Konkan may require few more projects.

Funding is needed to execute the project in smoother fashion.
Minimum fund Requirement starts from Rs 40 Lakh.
ROI and payback period can be discussed across the table.

Competitive Advantage

Why to invest in Konkan?
• 22 new ports are allotted
• A costal highway is being developed
• Mumbai-Goa highway will be developed into a 4 lane highway
• 3 Mega Power Plants are in process
• The tourist flow will be increased by 2.5 times in the next three years
• The Khed to Satara railway connectivity is in progress and is already connected to Mumbai through the Konkan railway
• Big City Real Estate prices are almost at their peak but Konkan has just started to gallop
• There is inclination of buying a second home in Konkan

Why to invest Shiv Phata – our project location?
• Just 9kms away from a big, old Lote Parshuram MIDC
• MIDC has just acquired another 2500 hectors near our project location
• Connectivity to all big cities and tourist places
• Ultra-modern amenities which are not there in any other project in the radius of 50kms
• Highway connectivity
• Unique feature – Complete freedom to customer to design his own bungalow. We are not creating a Chawl of bungalows; there will be 45 different designs.
• We are not at all dependent on Pune Mumbai customers. In fact according to our survey we need at least one more project to fulfil the local market requirement.
• We are going to set up a system to help out the buyers to rent out their bungalows for tourists

Rationale for the deal

Project configuration:
• Land Available: 2, 83,000 sq. ft.
• Land Allotted for development and internal Roads: 99050 sq. ft.
• Land Available for actual Sales: 1,83,950 sq. ft.
• Average plot size to sale: 3000 sq. ft.
• Total units for sale: 45 units
• Land Available for the sale under LIG & MIG: 48950 sq. ft.
• Average Sale cost per unit: Rs.25 Lakh (Unit contains a plot of 3000 sq. ft. with 800 sq. ft. construction)
• Average Sale cost per LIG & MIG /sq. ft.: Rs.1500/sq. ft.
• Total Sales figure (units + LIG &MIG): Rs 1859 lakh

Overall Gross Profit:

• Revenue Generated through Sales: Rs 1859 Lakhs
• Less Total Expenses: Rs 1330 Lakhs
• Gross Profit: Rs 0529 Lakhs
• Estimated time to complete the project: Maximum 30 months

Use of financing

Initial Cost/Investment

• Land Cost with Govt fees: Rs 26 lakh
• Road and other infrastructure development cost: Rs 100 Lakh
• Town Planning govt Expenses/fees: Rs 11 Lakh
• Marketing Expense: Rs 75 Lakh
• Construction Cost For LIG & MIG: Rs 590 lakh
• Construction cost for Bunglow units: Rs 468 Lakh
• Admin Cost: Rs 50 Lakh
• Misc. Expenses: Rs 10 Lakh
• Total Expenses: Rs 1330 Lakh

Opportunity for the investor

What is there for the Investor?

We can join hands in two ways:
• LLP - Limited Liability Partnership
• 2 Buy few units/unit in prelaunch (Before Jan 2013) and get some special prices. You will be able to book your profits according to market rates and timeline defined by you.

We are aware that as an investor you must have some queries and question marks in your mind, so you are always welcome for a business meeting.

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