Rental Property Yielding 13% Returns pa for Sale

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: India India
  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Stage: Exit/Sale of the business
  • Investment size: $7,000,000 / min. $7,000,000

Investment Opportunity

This is a property rented out to large companies in Noida, near Delhi, India. The total rental value per annum is USD 900k. The asking price for this property is USD 7mn, thereby giving a return of 13% per annum. This property is situated next to the DND bridge connecting Noida to Delhi, and is prime commercial property.

Total land area of this property is 1872 sq mtrs, and the total built up saleable/lease area is 37000 sq ft. There are 3 tenents in this property with 9 year leases.

Competitive Advantage

This is prime commercial property. It has a very high yield of 13%, while most commercial properties around Delhi do not give more than 8% return per annum.

Rationale for the deal

13% return on investment guaranteed for the next several years, besides possibility of escalation in real estate value makes this a win win situation to be acted upon immediately.

Use of financing

This proposal is for outright purchase of this property.

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