Residential Complex with 200 Bungalows, Shopping Mall & 3-Star Hotel

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: India India
  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $2,000,000 / min. $2,000,000
  • Type of investment: Debt

Investment Opportunity

On 50 acres land we plan to construct 200 separate bungalows, sports club, 3-star hotel, shopping mall, hospital, K.G. to P.G. educational institute and jogging park.

The plot is in a prime location in the city. The project has huge market potential. We are looking for 35 lac. US$ investment to accomplish it. The actual project work will start on 15/01/12. The project will also include playground for children, yoga & meditation center, mini theater, marriage & birthday hall, bank & A.T.M.

The project is for Amravati - a city in the state of Maharashtra, close to a national highway. The complex will be built in a pollution-free environment, with plenty of greenery around the entire township. The city is rapidly expanding and the project is motivated by the huge housing demand. It will provide all facilities needed for living under one roof.

Land acquisition is completed. Now marketing and fund raising processes are in progress.

R.O.I. will be 20 % per Annum.

Competitive Advantage

The Indian government gave a permission to the building of a power plant and a missile part manufacturing factory. Furthermore, the unbeatable leader in the 2-wheeler sector since 2 decades, as we call it - "Hero Honda" - finalized land acquisition in the city.

More than ten thousand employees will be needed for the big projects in the city, and they will require own home or home on rent there. They will also need school for their children and all other facilities necessary for living, and they will prefer them to be close to their working area.

In general, there is heavy demand for separate bungalows in Amravati.

Understanding the curent and future demand we launched this project, and we are the first to start something like that.

The project represents a great opportunity for investors to get great and assured return on their investment.

Rationale for the deal

As I mentioned, the city is growing rapidly, and many people out of Amravati will come for job/business/work on contractual basis with the mentioned project leaders.

This is why our multi-facility Residential complex will become the center of attraction for all.

Nowadays the rate of land is less than it was some time ago but when all mentioned projects start running the demand for open land or house will increase rapidly.

The most important Project in India, M.I.H.A.N. is under process, and this project is being executed only 150 km away from our prime location. So, all ancillary unit will be situated in MIDC area near to Amravati.

By evaluating this scenario cash flow will increase in city, purchasing power of an individual will increase which will have a direct positive effect on our RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX project.

Use of financing

We require funding for working capital and construction of the entire project. We are planning to provide best quality of construction and accessories, maintaining international construction standards.

We require finance in three simple installments: the first one to be 50% , and the second and third one to be 25 % each.

We require funding at different stages of the project to ensure that the investor is satisfied with having the respective amount invested with the right people and in right project. The investor can monitor the development of the project and asssess whether he/she is satisfied on work quality and progress, and then only decide whether or not to release the second and third instalment.

We are planning an investment installment schedule in such a way that, as per the capacity of investment of an individual investor, we structured a concrete plan of refund. Duration, interest rate & amount to be invested are to be found in the excel sheet attached to the proposal.

Our motto is everybody will get maximum benefit.

On this principle we come together, grow together and establish a common identity (become "we") together.

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