Super Luxurious Residential Tower

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: India India
  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $13,000,000 / min. $10,000

Investment Opportunity

Magnum Opus Tower will be Super Luxurious, Multi-Storey Residential Apartment House. Each of the apartments will be exclusive designed with international standard.

Investment Project Summary
Each of the apartment will have basic facilities like Private elevator, private cinema, master bedroom and second bedroom, each with adjoining marble bathrooms with spa bath, walk-in shower, Dining area with kitchen, and separate butler entrance, Spacious living area with private bar, lounge and Library.

Magnum Opus Tower will have facilities like Full undercover parking, full air-conditioning, video monitor and security entries, leisure facilities, landscaped gardens, a gym, swimming pool, children's play areas and Free Electricity supply.

Technical Details

Minimum Construction Area: 35000 Sq.Ft.
Minimum Area per Apartment: 10000 Sq.Ft.
Minimum Number of Apartments: 24

Summary of financial needs and application of funds
FINANCIAL NEED: $138624100.00 (USD)
APPLICATION OF FUNDS: Funds will be used in purchasing of property and developing it.
Acquisition Price of Property: $85215000.00 (USD)
Development Cost: $53409100.00 (USD)

Overall strategy

Our Overall Marketing Strategy will simply base on BEYOND CUSTOMER SERVICE TO CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.
Our clients will be chosen few and apartment will be sold by invitation only to the chosen few to maintain the exclusivity of the community.

We will directly approach the selected clients with the features, functions and benefits of the apartments.
We will provide free electricity.

Pricing policy

Our pricing policy will be based on Price is no object Pricing. As our project is highly innovative, exclusive one of its kind and caters only to cream of the society, where a price is less important than quality, outstanding service and image.

Base price for the apartment will be Rs.35000.00 per Sq.Ft. (current market price of the area in INR). Base price will make minimum 25% of the profit margin on overall project.

Financials of the investment project are available for donwload.

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