Venture Fund for Real Estate Re-Development of Properties in Mumbai

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: India India
  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $5,000,000 / min. $25,000

Investment Opportunity

We are Established Real estate Company active in Mumbai - India, as a consultants & Re-Developers.

We are presently having few opportunities of Re-Development of Existing Co-OP Hsg Societies in rapidly growing Mumbai, accordingly we are seeking 50 Million VC Funding for new Company.

Mumbai is a fastest growing city in India, having huge space requirement for Housing, Commercial and Retail.

State Government is well aware that, there is a scarcity of Land, in the Island of Mumbai, accordingly launched a scheme of Re-Development to cater the need, the proportions are simple, the Developers are re-developing old properties, and get additional FSI, which is sellable in open market. Which is making huge profits for the developers, as the demand is growing faster then the supply, accordingly the price of the property is also rapidly growing, where as the construction cost is the only input for the builder, in the existing society.

We expertize in the marketing of the property and having wide contacts across the construction Industry. So building and selling the product is no issue.

Accordingly need Huge capital / equity (Funds)to take over the projects for re-development (Societies) and viably, re-develop well with in the means and well with in the time frame, with assured returns.

The Company is optimistic of taking over at-least 6 Projects for Re-Development, once the infrastructure is developed as a Developers.

The Company has the team of experienced and awarded Structural Engineers, Architects, Building Contractors, Reputed Material suppliers etc, because the promoters are involved with the Real Estate Business and working as Consultants and contractors for the Developers.

The Promoters are now intending to grow rapidly, as they are confident that, they can create STATE OF THE ART Construction Quality Building, Houses, and the Commercial and Retail premise. Not only Build it, but sell it successfully, as they have large client base, of individual buyers, Investors, Corporate clients Across the Globe.

The Company is seeking consolidated US$ 150 Million, in three phases. US$ 50 Million in each phase, (every three years) as the project completion will take approximately 3 years from the date of initiation of the respective project.

The promoters are sure of developing, complete infrastructure of the New Company in 6 Months time form the day of mobilization of funds and Company shall start the operations is first six months from the day of its initiation.

We have attached herewith a brief Executive Summery for the ready reference of the Investors. This is a Business model of the project we are anticipating to take over. But this is for the reference purpose only, as every society and every project has its own essence, feasibility and requirements, affecting the profitability and viability. So the attached Brief shall be considered as a ready reference only.

Investors can contact us on Merar.

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