Distributorship & Placement Consultancy Business Seeking Partners

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: India India
  • Industry: Retail Trade
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $20,000,000 / min. $10,000,000
  • Type of investment: Debt, Equity

Investment Opportunity

We are into the Distributorship & Placement Consultancy business. Our Distributorship business requires funding for expansion while our placement service business needs funding for an initial growth. We offer our investors a seat in the panel of board of directors to make decisions over the projects and their expansion.

Product / Services:
• Distributorship business (FMCG, Beverages & Communication)
• Placement Services in India as well as abroad & Study Abroad programs.

Target Market: All the retail and wholesale stores in the region


• 5% of total business in distribution
• 10% from blue Dart Staff Salary
• 20% from Franchisee Royalty
• 15% from recruitment business
• 10 - 40 % from placement abroad and Study Abroad programs

The business will start its revenue from the very first quarter of its first financial year. Most importantly, there will be a constant flow of cash in the company since the project is designed in a manner that the company will generate cash flow on daily bases.

We guarantee return of investment and would like to offer to the investors a permanent seat in the board of directors.

Competitive Advantage

Competitors in the distributor market who already have established brand we will be holding but they will not be a threat since.
• Our company will be holding multiple brands in the market.
• We are providing high quality services (timely visits, understanding the client needs, timely delivery of goods)
• We will be making a proper use of finances and providing the best schemes offered.

Advantages of our placement Support & Study abroad programs business:
1) We will be holing a contract of a multinational brand company (The contract has been approved and is waiting for signup process)
2) No upfront in processing the data
3) Minimum fees
4) Best services as well as publishing data of our recruitment and students on Social medias for good and easy promotion

Rationale for the deal

This business is running through many years and constant expansion takes place. The food, communication and beverages market will never exhaust. They are always expanding and there will be many companies that are going to approach you as a distributor if your services are the best.

And the placement support & study abroad business is one of the fastest growing businesses in the industry. To prove this, you can just go to free online directory and place a promotion which says your company in hiring professionals - then and look for the number of resumes you receive in a single day and see how many professional resumes and fresher resumes you receive. There are many slots in the market which need to be fulfilled but proper understanding is needed of the business and this is what we can provide.

Use of financing

Office Expenses

One-time expenses:

• Office construction: 500000/-
• Company Registration: 50000/-
• Goudown Registration: 50000/-
• FMCG Investment: 300000/-
• Placement company Investment: 300000/-
• Tempo: 500000/-

Monthly Expenses:

• Office rent: 25000/-
• Staff: 80000/-
• Godown Rent: 20000/-
• Other office Expense: 20000/-

The numbers are approximate and are created keeping in mind the current needs and prices.

Opportunity for the investor

I will be offering the investor a seat in the board of directors and compensation will be offered to him as a member of the board.

The investment will be returned to the investor in parts. Every year there will be a approx amount that will be refunded to the investor.

As a member of the board of directors it will be up to the investor whether he would be a silent partner or a working business partner.

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