BPO Pharmacy Project Start-Up in India Is Looking for Funding

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

This is an investment project about telemarketing in the pharmacy sector in US and Canada - products of all non-controlled medications on commission basis. We are also planning to start our own process of pharmacy where as we will be the client and we will be the centre both. For this purpose we need at least $10,000 to start-up.

We have exclusive contract with one of leading Pharmacy Company in Mumbai, where they will devote a complete unit for G.T.I and manufacture herbal products for us with our own brand name and our packaging. This is an exclusive contract for these product and brands will not available in the market and G.T.I will have exclusive rights to sale these product any ware in the globe.

All the legal procedure regarding the FDA approval and licensing will be handled by the Parma Company itself and any complication or legal issues arising due to the quality of the products will be handled by the Parma company itself and G.T.I will not responsible for any such issues. But since they will devote an entire unit for us they will need some business assurance so initially they had charged a deposit of Rs 10, 00,000/- as 50% advance for Initial order of 100000 bottles.

Local Courier
We have exclusive contract with one of the leading courier service for shipment from the warehouse to the office of the international courier company. They will appoint 2 extra employees only for G.T.I. Their responsibility is to Pick up product from the company warehouse on the daily basis and deliver to the office of the international courier company.

To keep the Charges to minimum and to ensure the same day Delivery we have made the exclusive contract where these two employees will be working exclusively for G.T.I and they will not work for any of the other clients of that company. They have to make sure the product is delivered it day from the date of the pickup. We had paid a deposit of Rs 3, 00,000 as an advance for first 100,000 bottles.

International Courier
We have exclusive contract with one of the leading International courier service for shipment from the Mumbai office of the international courier Company to the customer home. A special desk is allotted in the company office only for G.T.I where set of five employees will be working exclusive for G.T.I making sure the product are delivered from Mumbai to the customer home any ware in U.S within 5 to 7 business days. SLA for the company is 90% failing which they have to pay the penalty. We will be the only one company between our competitors assuring such a fast delivery of the products. The average time duration for the delivery in the market is minimum 10 business days. After the launch we can offer the same service to the Canadian customers also.

International Merchant Account
We need an International merchant account to charge the credit card of the customers. If we target 1000 to 5000 bottles a month we need 2 merchant accounts with the deposit of Rs. 5, 00, 000 each.


Cost Price
Product cost $10
Local courier $5
International courier $20
Transaction fees $5
Salary and other expenses $10
Total Cost $50

Competitive Advantage

Average sale price for the product would be $89.99

Projection of sales

Sales Target with 20 seats dealing for the products, which we keep, is 1,000 bottles a month with a Sale price of $ 89.99
Sale price Cost Price Profit (per bottle) Profit Total (1000)
$89.99 $49.99 $40 $40000

Initially being the new company we have keep the reserve for refund and chargeback of at least 10% which will gradually reduced to 5% in future.

So after the refund of $4,000 month still there is net profit of $36,000.

Use of financing

The total investment needed for the place of the office, the rent, salary backup and expansion of the business.

Opportunity for the investor

We are basically looking out for a investor who can lend the amount for the tenure of 2-3 years and we will pay him the rate of interest up to 12% per annum and top of that we will offer him 40-50 of the profit partnership in our organization. Preferably we are looking out for silent partner.

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