Indian Super Stockist for Leading Mobile Company Looking for Funding

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: India India
  • Industry: Telecommunications
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $25,000 / min. $20,000
  • ROI: 10% in 5 years
  • Type of investment: Debt

Investment Opportunity

We are a Super Stockist of a leading mobile phone producer in India seeking start-up funding for working capital. We are offering 10% interest per annum.


Our Company is a start up with a license to operate as a Super Stockist for a leading Hong Kong based Mobile Company expanding its operations in Asia. We are looking forward to deal with the latest technology based mobile phones, wireless gadgets, computer accessories and state of the art Customer Support and Service Center. With expected 16000 units to be sold within the 1st 4 QRTs and a projected annual turnover of 360,000 USD we look forward to expand our horizon all over India. Our Company is backed by 4 partners with strong corporate exposure and rich expertise in the areas of Retailing, Information Technology and CRM skills.

The Market

India as a country has huge potential in the area of Telecom and the availability of variety of mobile phones based on latest technology has indeed added an extra edge.
It is the right time to penetrate the market as a Super Stockist and reach out to every house with our product.
With an expected 16000 units sold within the 1st 4 QRTs and a Projected Annual turnover of 360,000 USD we look forward to expand our horizon all over India.

The Service

Service is the heart of any business and we do agree that to sustain and grow with a good name we need to have a strong Service plan.
We intend to have a dedicated helpdesk and service center to attend all customer calls and queries.
In addition to this we are also looking forward for tie ups with various third party mobile technology service providers to reach out to our customers in least time with highest level of priority.
We have established a brand concept and the business could be expanded through opening multiple sites ourselves, or by creating franchise opportunities.

The management

All partners have many years of experience in service industries and one has a veterinary background. The Mentors have successfully run a similar business in the areas of retailing and white goods in the past. Full biographies are available upon request.

Competitive Advantage

• Tech Savvy Team
• Better Pricing
• Innovation with every mobile

Rationale for the deal

New concept, new market and immense scope to penetrate the rural and urban market.

Use of financing

Our existing business lines have been proven successful. The current project is an area we are venturing for the first time and we believe there is a much larger market than we are able to address at present. That is why we are seeking marketing and investment that would enable us to grab a leadership position.

Opportunity for the investor

To achieve our objectives, our company is seeking 25,000 USD as a loan to be paid back with agreed interest, from the cash flow of the business within an agreed period. 9% Interest per annum with a repayment period of 3 years would be comfortable with us.

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