Debt or Equity Investment Required for Clothing Manufacturing

Opportunity Snapshot

Textiles for Apparel Business Startup in India We have already tested the market with sample designs and costings and got very positive feedback. Image courtesy: Arti Sandhu, 2011, Flickr CC.

Investment Opportunity

We are in the process of launching a fashion brand. We are looking for debt or equity investors to start and run the manufacturing process.

Our business model is very simple. As we are in a growing stage, to leverage the risk we currently outsource the manufacturing process to a third party. Our team designs and monitors the process and we hand-check each product to match the requirements.

Upon successful funding we estimate our growth at 30% annually. We will be able to set up our own manufacturing unit in the third year.

The funding will be used for procuring raw materials and in the production process.

Competitive Advantage

Talking about competition, we plan to offer a classy product at an affordable price. Taking this into account, there will many competing with us rather we running in a race.

Future Plans:
• Increase production.
• Plan for various innovative selling approaches and establishing our own exclusive outlets.

Rationale for the deal

We have already tested the market with our sample designs and costings. As the results were quite positive, we will be targeting all groups customers, from which 70% would fall into the youth group and 30% in the rest.

We are planning to sell 40% of our products through direct selling in our website and 60% through partnering with local vendors, sd we believe this process will give us faster reach.

Use of financing

The funding will be used for procuring raw materials, paying salary to workers and marketing products.

We will require 3 rounds of funding.

Opportunity for the investor

For debt investors the expected payback period will be 5 years with a rate of interest of 14% per year.

For equity investors we are offering 25-35 % share in the company depending on the involvement.

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