Denim Producer with Strong Brand Management Seeking for Investment

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are a newly established producer of Jeans, T-shirts, cotton shirts and pants. Investment needed for production and supplying the product for export.

I am planning to tie-up with any big garment company willing to start a broad business and start exporting worldwide. Our Brand Ambassador is Irrfan Khan, the Bollywood/Hollywood actor from the famous film Life of Pie.

Our brand name is VEE BRAND. The company was established in January 2013. We are offering branded products of export quality at low price.

I already have production house and will secure free advertisement through the film actor Irrfan Khan.

We need $10000-25000 for production and supplying the product for export.

I will make the investor who invests in my project a 50% partner in my company.

Competitive Advantage

Our competitors include big brands like Lee, Lewis, etc. However, we will be selling our product at very low price in comparison to them. We will also develop a strong brand with the help of the famous Irrfan Khan.

Rationale for the deal

I have 4-5 dealers in India and 15-20 exporters abroad. I have a contacts base that will help me secure sales channels for our products. I can start with selling the products in a big mall.

I am from a poor family but my contacts and experience will enable me to start big business word wide. The investor who will help me will definitely get great success because this is what I’m striving for.

Opportunity for the investor

I need $10000 to 25000 to realize my business plan. The investor will become a 50% shareholder in the company’s profit. I want to start my business as soon as possible.

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