Investment Project for Garment Outsourcing and Export Business

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We deal with manufacturing and outsourcing of high fashion and casual garments. We have registered around 50 vendors who deal with various processes of garment manufacturing. Our team of expert technicians can help any exporter or customer extract best quality, at best price and in appropriate time.
Funding required is 10 to 15 lakhs.

1. We are aiming to produce high fashion and casual garments.
2. We currently have the order of manufacturing garments worth 50 lakhs in hand at the moment.
3. Cash payback period is about six months.
4. This industry is one of the most flourishing in the current times. Outsourcing work and the kind of quality services we provide is an innovation in itself. This is a win-win business for all.
5. The investor will be made a partner of the firm and will be given shares of the company.
6. Garment industry is booming in current times. And no one can deny the fact that it will prosper even more in future.
7. The project though at nascent stage, is already doing well. We have a business of around 50 lakhs in hand at the moment.
8. Additional funding is needed for exponential growth of the business. We will be able to invest in bigger projects, earning greater returns.

If you are interested investor, please contact us on Merar for more information.

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