Global Fashion Brand

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Global clothing brand. Shorty Capone is a name that generates a lot of interestswith the youngsters. It fills the gaps of a new global clothing brand in the market.

We have and entire range of clothing and acessories, a lifestyle clothing brand including caps, t-shirts, denims, shirts, shoes, bags, belts etc.. In this global world the kind of products that we have introduced is appealing to the youth and specially the price ranges are extremely appealing. We have created a brand which looks very high end, and the prices are still very affordable and youth oriented.

The ROI is around 1.5 to 2 years.

Our stores have already started opening, 1 in India, 1 in spain and 1 in holland.

The funding is required for expansion globally including the market of India and China where it has massive potential.

Competitive Advantage

The Look of the brand is very high end, and the pricings are very competetive. hence has the potential to penetrate deep in the markets and pockets.

Rationale for the deal

All the top fashion brands have entered India and are making big money out of it. With our brand, we have easier way of reaching to the interiors also where the other big brands will not be able to reach.

Use of financing

Investment is needed to open more stores across. It is purely for expansion. The investment can be done in instalments which is mutually agreeable. The investor has to be very sound, and should be able to support during the phase of further expansion

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