New Brand Ladies Wear - Corporate wear, casual wear, western wear etc

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Investment Opportunity

We are planning to Launch our own brand in Ladies Apparel. Our speciality will be corporate wears, party wears, casual wears,Indo western wears and few infusion of Mech

We are Planning to launch our own Brand for Ladies Apparel in India as well in few Global countries, and we are in early stage of Startup. As you may be aware and what we believe in is that the Clothing Business despite being thickly crowded offers an assurance that we can easily penetrate the market if we standout with designs or concepts not offered by the existing competitors.

We will be designing Corporate Wears, Casual wears, Indo Western, party wear, Bridal and traditional outfits. Our designs are not copied and neither will they be repeated. We will have our own signature style in all designs, few will be limited edition designs which will carry unconventional transforming mechanical fitting which will stand out and is enough to bring a new trend in fashion Industry. The science of Physics and Mechanical engineering will be introduced in Fashion.

This project model is investor friendly because of our thorough market study and understanding, and more importantly Clothing being the second basic of human need next to food. We will not take up overhead expenses such as stitching and Packing as this will be fully outsourced by tying up with one of the reputed Garment Manufacturer in Tamil Nadu. This strategy ensures that our expenses are cut down to minimal level. Product pricing in India play a major role for success and is very challenging. We intent to have mass production by making our apparel affordable.

Marketing : Fashion Industry is blessed with many options apart from advertising and one of the cheapest options is Participating in Fashion Shows, we already have discussed with Banglore Fashion Week and they are ready to host our show. Fashion shows will give us the good visibility and coverage through Medias like News Papers, Online Social Networking sites and TV Channels. We have lined up distributors and Web promoters to ease up for penetrating market.

As an investor you will be entitled to Co-founder, Directorship or Share Holder format as per you choice. You and your family will be invited for all the fashion shows and promotional events in India and Abroad.

Please Note that we are looking for serious and long term investor to work in a collaborative inventive and progressive manner.

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