Beach Resort & Hotel Management Institute Looking for Equity Investor

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The project is about establishing a beach resort with100 rooms and a Hotel Management institute for 600 students.

We are an Infrastructure company based in Mumbai, India and are interested in the funding of our project which is a 100 Room Beach Resort and a 600 Student Hotel Management Institute. Our aim is to provide employment to the people of the Konkan region who basically depend on big cities like Mumbai and Pune where there are more employment opportunities.

Due to the exodus of people from the Konkan region to Mumbai and Pune, the cities are over-populated and the people from Konkan find refuge in slums. The Konkan region is one of the most beautiful regions in Asia and is eco-sensitive with pristine beaches. The main source of earning in this region is fishing and agriculture. Earning from these occupations are not enough to sustain the families, hence the migration.

We have come out with the novel idea of promoting eco-tourism which will enable the world to experience this natural beauty of the flora & fauna and the beaches. The Institute is aimed at training the local people so that they may be recruited in resorts all over the region.

We are seeking an investment of USD10 Million to take this project forward. This money will be returned in a period of 5 years and the appreciation of the property shall be 2 times this amount. We are looking for investors who shall own 50% of the project. Hence, the Investor will be protected at all times.

Please contact us on Merar if interested in our proposal

Thank you!

Opportunity for the investor

The investor will be 50% owner in the project. The expected payback period will be 5 years and in that time, the value of the property will double.

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