Click & Mortar Wellness Tourism Start-up

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

First of its kind online aggregation of Wellness centers and locations aiming to cater for the growing demand for holistic health treatments. Starting with India (because of its reputation as mind, body & soul recreation destination) the venture shall bring on-board all major locations and properties in the World. The Beta version is live.

The booming Wellness Tourism Sector

“We are the first Indian business focused on Wellness Tourism and promoting Packages / Travel plans for Rejuvenation, Health and Peace. The global Wellness tourism market is projected to be USD106billion, i.e., Rupees.5,50,000/- crores by the end of 2011.”

Proposal Summary

We service the inbound (foreign) tourists and shall operate from New Delhi, India in 1st Phase of the plan. We are also the first such business to offer a strong eCommerce suite for products and services targeted at the Wellness and Tourism market.

Due to lifestyle related stress and ailments and the rising global awareness for holistic health, the market for Wellness tourism has been growing steadily. It is also pertinent to note that the traveller focused on wellness also likes to spend quality time on leisure pursuits. In most cases, the wellness focused traveller is also interested in Art, History, Culture and Shopping experience. India, riding on the strengths of its age old traditions promoting wellness (Ayurveda and other alternative medicine, yoga etc.), respect for visitors (Atithi Devo Bhava!) and the cultural diversity, history, art and shopping experience consequent to the government initiative of ‘Incredible India campaign’, has gradually risen to the list of top 10 preferred destinations for travel of the international community.

With approximately 5.6 million foreign tourist arrivals in 2010, the Indian travel space saw year on year growth of around 8% (UNWTO Reports) in foreign tourist arrivals. In the 12th 5-year plan, the Indian government is planning to increase spending on improvement of tourism infrastructure, human resource development, capacity building, promotion and publicity. The projected growth in foreign tourist arrivals is going to take the number of inbound tourists to approximately 12 million by the year 2016. It is known that about 10% of all inbound tourists come here for Wellness related pursuits, stay longer and spend more compared to other travellers.

We are focused on the Wellness Traveller and starting with inbound tourist shall work towards a global presence over the next few years. Working towards that goal, we have already got commercials in place with the following:
-Ananda, Rishikesh
-Ayurveda Gram, Bangalore
-Ayurveda Retreat, Coonoor
-IVAC, Mysore
-ITC, Agra, Bangalore, Delhi, Jaipur
-Kairali , all three locations
-Kare, Pune
-The Leela, Udaipur & Kovalam
-The Oberoi Group
-Tree of Life, Jaipur
-Packages in Combodia, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam & Qatar
Many more of the leading names are in discussion and we shall have commercial arrangements in place very shortly.
As per industry practice, the best agents sign from b2b events and we are all geared up to be there soon as possible.

Management Team

The Leadership Team comprises of qualified management professionals with rich corporate experience. With years of experience in running large corporations and divisions they bring immense value to the operation.
The promoter Achal has well rounded business experience and he has worked with domain leaders on launching path-breaking products / services and on leveraging network of associations for expansions and mutually beneficial strategic initiatives. Achal employs his international exposure, understanding of digital technology / conventional / new-age businesses and consumer trends to deliver superior value to stakeholders.
Based on his corporate experience and education Achal is considered an expert at Restructuring, Strategic Planning, Designing, modelling, launching and operating of businesses in 'Digital services' ecosystem, Retail & e-Commerce, Travel & Tourism, Lifestyle etc. He brings along deep understanding of the global trends and Indian market.
To further strengthen the business, Achal has got onboard some very experienced professionals in the ‘Advisory Board’.


The business is projected to grow from Rs.22crores / USD5MM in the first year to a significant 150crores+/ USD28MM+ in the 3rd year.
The business shall be cash positive in 18-24 months.

Use of Funds

Funds will be used primarily to hire Manpower, setting up of offices and to promote the business.

Investor - Opportunity
Investor shall have the advantage of being the anchor to further investment and shall have opportunity to exit in parts, hence, returning a decent percentage on his investment.

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